Now that is some icky color transfer

  1. and that is why i won't buy vernis. :sad:
  2. Exactly... :cry:
    I looooove the Bedford, but I don't want to spend so much money on a bag that might change/lose color! :Push:
  3. That looks disgusting! I hope my vernis agenda won't turn out like that.:blink:
  4. You have to be really careful with the light pieces or this is what will happen. I got the framboise color and so far so good!!
  5. Me too Traci! It's been really good to me so far. I just hope it stays that way.:shame:
  6. Can that be cleaned at all? It's a nice peice, but that's some major damage.
  7. Unfortunately no:sad:. Pen marks are also deadly:Push:
  8. Yikes, I thought I wanted a Lexington, but not anymore!
  9. Ewwww... :yucky:
  10. They look fantastic but I am too hard on my bags.
  11. Aww.. poor thing.
  12. I wonder if a strong leather cleaner of some kind, maybe it would lift the marks?
  13. I think if it did, vernis owners around the world would rejoice!
  14. me too.after reading all about vernis on here, that's why i didn't buy the vernis piece i saw & really liked, also even though it was a darker color. ewwww....:blink:
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