now that i saw them in person..

  1. i saw the blue mini skinny and the mia wristlet as well as the other leather wristlets, the monogram, i inspected everything, and although i wanted stuff that i listed in another thread, i realized i didnt want them and now feel stupid i didnt pick up this black mini skinny during the fourth of july sale. but the patchwork looked better then i thought it would. hopefully the new stuff looks better..

    ever happen to you?
  2. Yes definitely. I cant remember if it was with COACH or not, but I've drooled and obsessed over things online and then after seeing them in person immediately lost interest.
  3. lol i was really disapointed :sad:( i thought the blue would have been more blue or something.. when is the best time to get a skinny at the outlet then?
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