Now that I have my first Birkin , I want a cadena...

  1. :yahoo:Thinking of getting the gold elephant - would you recommend a different one and how do you wear yours? On the lock or do you replace the H of the gh? :confused1: Sorry I still haven't got used to the official proper names of the different body parts of a Birkin bag. Many thanks for your suggestions!:cutesy:
  2. Ebruo, well as we said before: Welcome to teh orange side. It just never stops.
    Cadenas are a very personal choice and they commemorate the different themes Hermes has chosen throughout the years. I can't remember what the elephant stands for but I think it is in the Hermes Informative Thread in the Reference section of this forum.
    How you wear your cadena is entirely up to you. Some like to hang it on the turnkey, others replace the cadena (lock) with it, others hang it around the handle, the possibilities are almost endless.
    Let us know what you want next when you got your cadena. How about a wallet? A pochette? A Kelly? ;) It just never stops.
  3. Heehee...congrats on your birkin!! I am opposite...I got my cadena first and now I want a birkin to go with it!

    I really like this year's looks like a horse on a cute! Good luck in your decision!
  4. I think a gold elephant would be perfect -- personally I like the animal themed cadenas!
  5. Coming from my personal experience, I got my Birkin first and couple of months later I got the gold elephant cadena. I love it in gold.
  6. In order to maximize the few gold Cadenas that I have collected to date, I have decided only to buy bags with GH actually. Am I the only one with this strategy?
  7. I am another one who got the cadena first, a gold one that is, without first owning a GH birkin, though I plan to have one really soon! On the other hand, my ph bags do not have cadenas yet!!!
    ebruo, the elephant sounds perfect; elephants symbolise wisdom, strength, prosperity & longevity! :yes:
  8. Ohhhh, thank you ladies! I actually got the gold elephant yesterday. At the moment, he is hanging from the turnkey. The cadena looks very cute there, but I am slightly worried that it will weigh the leather down and I can't lock the straps with it there.
    Not sure if I'm the only person who is not too keen on the dangly key thing (is it called clochette?). I have taken it off the bag completely, but am wondering if I should replace the H on it with the cadena and hang it that way. Decisions, decisions... I hope the little elephant brings me good luck and happiness. It sure exudes good karma and makes me feel good.
  9. I love all the cadenas
    Am so pleased yours has arrived
    I put mine through the handle loop

    so glad its all worked well and yes I too believe in Karma
    so that elephant should look after you v well
  10. I too bought my first birkin recently and am contemplating getting a cadena to go with it.

    ms.fashionista, the horse cadena you mentioned sounds delightful. Do you have a picture of it?
  11. I have the elephant as well. It symbolizes luck and I hope it brings you much H good fortune! i hang mine from my turnlock on my birkins or hacs.

  12. Here is the Year Of The Dance - the 2007 Cadena
    It is the one you were asking about.
  13. I have the little hand bag (YET!). I just love these guys! I've worn it around my neck on a ribbon and I've heard of it worn on a necklace (I think "H" sells them!).

    It's just a great piece! I haven't seen the Elephant but, I'll bet it's ADORABLE! The uses are endless!
  14. I am SOOO in love with cadenas...I really LOVE them all...especially on my H bags~!:heart:
  15. Thanks PennyD2911!!! It's beautiful. I hope they still have it in stores.