Now that I have a job what will be my next bag??

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  1. I just graduated college last month and today was my first day at my "big girl job" so I think to celebrate I should get a new bag! So does anyone have any ideas for a new bag? I'm thinking something mono.. :party:
  2. Congrats! I always suggest the mono's just such a classic. Can't go wrong with it! :yes:
  3. The new lockits look great in mono! :graucho:
  4. how about the Batignolles Horizontal? it would be a good work bag. i just got hired today, and i'll be using my Batignolles Horizontal as a work bag too
  5. Manhatten PM or GM....I love those bags!! :smile:
  6. BH is a great work bag! :yes:
  7. it looks like the mono speedy is on your wishlist, so I say go for that! its great to start off with! congrats on your first day of work! How did it go?
  8. Thank you! My first day was great and I couldn't be happier!! And I think you're right newaddiction..I think I will get a mono speedy! I've had my eye on it forever!
  9. Cabas piano! It's an ideal work bag with all that room.
  10. I think a hand-held is very classy for work.
    I don't really have any specific suggestions...but I agree with qtpie that Manhattan PM would be great!
  11. Another vote for the Manhattan PM! Congrats on your first day!
  12. The mono speedy will be elegant!