Now that I have a Dusty MAM...

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  1. I am concerned about getting the handles dirty and nasty dark.....anybody here tried the LMB for handles only protectant? You guys think it's ok to use them on my RM :confused1:
  2. is it just plain dusty or w/ the silver spot, chinkee21?

    ok so after looking at ur post where u posted ur new MAM pics, well it seems like its okay to use those leather protectants the other ladies here have mentioned about :smile:
    all i've heard were appleguard and wilson's leather protectant spray
  3. Just to let you know, I've tried the LMB handles only on my handles for a Balenciaga and it left the handles sticky. :yucky: I haven't used it since. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong since there are many people on TPF that use the product.
  4. ^^ hehe, I actually already have the LMB for handles only, just wasn't sure if i can use it on all types of leather...for some reason, they never leave a sticky residue on my handles :shrugs:

    madbrinks, I use AG spray too! But only for the body of the bag, not tha handles :yes:
  5. chinkee where are the pics of ur dusty? I wanna see :smile:

    Also we have lots of threads on cleaners protectants etc. Please search first before starting new threads. Thank u hun!
  6. ^^ I just did, thanks des!!:tup:
  7. I use the LMB for handles and it has worked great for me. You apply a light coat, then use hairdryer to dry then reapply. I only have used one coat and never felt sticky. I think you just have to apply lightly. I've got a dusty mam coming today or tomorrow and plan to use it on the handles, will post pics after application.