Now That I Got My First Lady Dior, Time For A New Wallet!!!! (Suggestion Needed)


Jan 3, 2008
Hello everyone, I just noticed how frequently I'm posting on here these days hahahaha. Now that I got my lady dior in lilac (please see post, I've decided to get a new wallet with it!!!

Now the question becomes, which wallet AND color should I get? Any suggestions?

I have my eyes on the Tutti wallet the long version (neon yellow, fuchsia, or lilac)


Lady Dior patent wallet (the one with charms and the wristlet chain)


Chanel Camellia Wallet

Which one should I choose (keeping in mind something that goes with my lilac LD, and functionality/durability)?? Any idea about Dior wallet prices in the States?

TIA!!! Why aren't my pics showing up......
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Mar 6, 2011
I think for a long wallet it's better to go with classic styles like the lady dior wallet with the chain (and in lambskin maybe).
The tutti line is absolutely adorable. but I think it goes better with the short, trifold construction, which is very compact and cute like a toy. the long version is just a little bulkier than I'd expected, and not so toy-like.
I've been rotating with a short tutti (in fuchsia) and two diorissmo wallets myself. The diorissimo wallets are a little big but it doubles as a clutch. If you want something both elegant and understated this could be another option!