now that I bought my first Kelly...I need help

  1. How do I wear her??? Do I close the flap and leave the straps hanging??? Do I close the flap and straps??? Do I close the straps and leave the flap open??? I have no idea??? HELP PLEASE!!!
  2. Close the flap and put the straps on. You can leave the flaps open, but I'm too anal to do that. I don't think it's a good idea to put the straps on and then close the flap over it. I think someone on here said it causes to much stress on the turnlock?
  3. I always close my Kelly each time but I always wear her with the shoulder strap attached; I find this helps a lot to support her weight and leaves both hands free if necessary to sort her out. I don't usually use the shoulder strap for carrying her, I just have it attached to help me out occasionally and I think it looks nice and casual like this. If I think I will need some change or keys handy, I often just carry these in my coat or jacket pocket to save me the bother if it's for a cup of coffee or something requiring a small amount of change.
  4. I wear mine exactly as it is in the pic (I can't be bothered with the straps):
  5. had to put that fuchsia HAC in our faces again, didn't you????
  6. Since I have a sellier Kelly as well, I prefer to keep my straps closed over the flap. If it was a retourne, I wouldn't mind keeping the straps open since the bag has more of a casual looking style.
  7. If I had one, I would wear it strap off, flap open. I think it looks best that way.
  8. i wear mine same way to H_addict~
  9. I LOVE those two colors - so spectacular!!! :heart:
  10. I wear mine every which way depending on my mood and how often i need to access what is inside. I read about over-stressing the turnlock as HG mentioned so I try not to leave the flaps undone so often and certainly not when the bag is heavy. I hardly ever stuff my Kellys though. I really streamlined my life after I decided to use Kellys on a daily basis.
    Visually I prefer the look of the Kelly all closed up, so that is how I wear it most of the time.
  11. I wear my Sellier Kellys the same as H_addict, too. I love the casual and elegant look of the straps hanging down. I never close the straps over the flap unless I'm storing her away in her sleeper.
  12. I wear my kelly the same as H_addict. It's so much easier for me not to have the straps I like the look of it.
  13. Ditto
  14. If I'm in a hurry, I do what H addict does, but the first chance I get, I loop the straps back on over the flap.