Now that Dentelle has been out for a while...

  1. Can anyone comment on how the lace holds up? Can you realistically use the pochette wallet as an everyday wallet? TIA!
  2. I have the ludlow and I am using it for about a week and a half, actually just sitting in my business bag for some coins and cards. There is one lacy bit that loosened a bit but it's quity sturdy!! No need to really "baby" it just be kind to it :smile:
  3. I love to have a dentelle speedy but I am afraid I have to carry it in a ziplocked plastic.:sad:
  4. I'd like to know too... I've been eyeballing the BH :graucho:
  5. I have the BH and I haven't noticed it being any less durable than my other bags. But, I'm not overly rough on things. The lace doesn't seem to be loosely stitched.
  6. I got the long pochette purse when it was first released used it every day and it looks no different
  7. I have the Kirsten and have used it for the past 3 weeks straight and I have not noticed anything overly delicate about the lace. As I do with all of my LV stuff I try to be careful with it, but I have been using it daily and it still looks beautiful, I really love Dentelle!
  8. the sales associate at the boutique said that the lace is not delicate despite how it looks.....she said it is stitched in and durable.
  9. i got the BH the day it came out, and i havnt noticed any problems with the stitching at all. When you feel it and look at it up close it doesnt seem so delicate, seems stitched in deeply, and the thread seems quite strong. I am not rough on my bags, but i am not overly protective either.
  10. I have the Speedy and it's loosening a tad bit in some areas.
    Cannot see it unless you look really, really close.

    In the care booklet, it tells you not to rub up against surfaces, etc, but I don't baby this bag like my Epi Ivoire, so maybe I'm a bit tough on it. :rolleyes:

    I love it, though!! One of the best purses I've had AND it made me fall in love with size 30.
  11. gosh if some money fell out of the sky, this is the first thing I'd buy :smile:
  12. I've been rough with my fersen, and the laces are intact
  13. I haven't really used my Kirsten as such, but it seems to be sturdier than people assume.