Now That Balenciaga Sells Tassles...What Can We Do With The Extras?

  1. I relinquished my B-chastity to a Rouille burnt orange first a few days ago. new to this.. and wondering there has been a thread on how to use /tie the extra tassles creatively?
  2. I've kept mine in the box for replacing if necessary. I don't think I could deal with more tassels on the bag.
  3. congrats on your new bag. i would just keep the extra tassles in a safe place just in case one of the tassels on the bag gets damaged. you don't want to overkill with too many tassels all at once.
  4. I agree, those extra tassles will come in handy later when the original
    ones wear out.....
  5. I know what your thinking...."oh jeeze what is Deana up to this time!" Well, I was thinking since we can buy tassles seprately, what a can we do with left over ones that aren't in horrible shape?

    :confused1: Let me know what you think, and what creative things you've done or will do with yours. The braids were braided quickly and the tassles aren't attached, I just wanted to get some ideas. Maybe the braided ones can make a pretty leather bracelet, or attached to a key ring? I await your verdict!
    IMG_3007-1.jpg IMG_3010-1.jpg IMG_3013-1.jpg IMG_3020-1.jpg IMG_3023-1.jpg
  6. that's actually really cute....~
    very creative thinking Deana!
  7. My daughter is definitely going to use your bracelet idea :cutesy:
  8. :flowers: For anyone calling Bal NY for tassles, will know they don't have all the colors available all the time. Last week they were out of 05 Bubblegum Pink, but I was able to get two packages today from a helpful SA named Daisy. Here are more tassles in different combinations.
    IMG_3026-1.jpg IMG_3027-1.jpg IMG_3030-1.jpg IMG_3031-1.jpg IMG_3034-1.jpg
  9. :heart: And for our daughter's.....My 13 year old already swiped the pink and magenta! I would love to see other color combinations, to get some ideas on what looks good for bracelets for me girls! It's so awesome that we can now buy tassles for $5. Amazing!
    IMG_3035-1.jpg IMG_3039-1.jpg IMG_3040-1.jpg IMG_3042-1.jpg IMG_3044-1.jpg
  10. You can also use them to try out cleansers & other leather-products before you apply them to your bag...
  11. Deana, you rock gal! Your DIY decorating ideas always amaze you get inspiration *dings* aka lightbulb suddenly lighting up while you're driving or doing something else, or are you like me - do you actually have to stare at your bags for ages before the lightbulb start to flicker on and off? :idea: :wlae:
  12. Wow Deana, you really are creative!

    If there are only a limited number of tassles available, I hope that people don't start buying tassles to use as decorations as there are many of us who will be in need of them for normal use on our bags when our tassles wear/split.
  13. ^ Agree - they're not re-manufacturing these colors, they've just opened up their existing stock for sale, and I gather some colors are already sold out. (Can't find a Grinch smiley, didn't we used to have one?)
  14. :yes: I deffinitely agree! My main idea was to not just throw away the old tassles if they weren't in horrible condition, but to find some sort of use for them! I also think it's a good idea to buy tassles needed now or when they get them in, because I worry that my older bag's tassle color's could get discontinued.

    MissPiggy...that's a good question! It is a lightbulb moment that's usually set off by things I'll be looking at. It's weird that I almost have a compulsion to use something for other than what it's originally intended for. Like taking earings or necklaces and using them on shoes or bags, and in this case taking the old tassles and making bracelets etc.
  15. wow... they're sooo cute!
    i love that they sell the tassels now! :yahoo: