Now since I got my 1st MJ, how do I care for it?

  1. I read older posts that you shouldn't use AppleGuard on bags that are already dirty when you purchased them??? Is that correct? :confused1: My small MP is a bit dirty upon closer inspection so should I use AppleGuard conditioner to clean the whole bag? It will remove the dirt and not seal it in right? Should I use AppleGuard for the body of the bag AND the handles? Or is there a different product for that?

    Where can I get AppleGuard products besides online? I live in NYC.

  2. I usually just use babywipes or papertowel with a little water. I honestly don't have to do a lot of maintainance with my bags. I don't know it's a good thing or a bad thing :p. I know Coach has a leather cleaner that you can buy.
  3. Which babywipes do you use? Do you use babywipes for the entire bag or just certain areas? How's the condition of your bags after using the babywipes? Like new?
  4. I use Apple Garde on all my MJ bags - I use the conditioner first and then spray them with the waterproofer. I've had no problems at all and I've used it on dark and light colors. You can buy it at Burlington Coat Factory, btw.
  5. Thanks! I should get some then. Do you know if they sell the set in the pic below?

  6. I don't honestly remember - I bought mine over a year ago and I don't think they had sets? I got the water resistant spray and the conditioner separately.
  7. OK, I ordered the set anyways :smile: Thanks.
  8. I've heard bad stuff about Coach leather conditioner(I think) in the bbag forum, so I'd stay away from that. If you're looking to clean it, I've read that Apple guarde cleaner doesn't pick up any dye whereas some ladies found that lovinmybags cleaner did.

    MJ SAs recommend that you don't treat the bag at all because the bag is already pretreated, I think. But if you're looking to clean it, def try the baby wipes, or if you want something stronger, than go with Appleguarde. I got mine online and it only took a few days to receive it. I've also used Cole Haan leather cleaner/conditioner and haven't had any problems with it.

    I think you did the right thing by ordering the set.
  9. Thanks! Is there a certain type or brand of baby wipes you'd recommend? Like with aloe, no aloe, etc?

    Also I've heard that I should used baby wipes on the handles gently since the leather is different than the body of the bag????:shrugs: