Now presenting - 04 Black First! Pics inside!

  1. Hi all, some of you may remember me from the Authenticate thread, where I kindly asked you Bbag experts to weigh in on whether you thought a bag that I purchased on eBay was real or fake. I was torn, because I purchased the bag already, and was confused on whether the bag was real or not.

    Well, it came quickly in the mail, and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief as soon as I felt the leather. It's real and it's so purty!! :yahoo:

    I've never seen 04 leather in person before, but the leather was oh-so-soft, but had a weird "shine" thing going on. (I only have one other Bbag, an 06 Camel First, which didn't have the same "shine" thing going on). Of course, me being a clean freak, came home and did the whole "Wax on, wax off" thing with Apple conditioner (3x!! Yes, my arm was burning!! I felt like I exercised my upper arms).

    Here are pictures of before vs. after, which I also refer to as "shiny thing going on vs. purty leather". Obviously, I prefer the purty leather!! No retouching done on the photos either!! The before pic was taken last night as soon as I came home, and the after picture was taken today afternoon.

    BEFORE - weird shine on the leather :yucky:

    AFTER - No more weird shine on leather - Yay! :p
  2. Congrats on your black with pewter first! It's pretty!!!
  3. so pretty. congrats!
  4. very nice! love the hardware.
  5. omg, is this the one that sold for $455?!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: congratulations! it is indeed purty! i love my black first w/ silver HW, too! so so so so so pretty!!!
  6. WOWSA! That is one good looking Bbag! Love that pewter hardware against the black. :yes:
  7. Wow, they look like different bags!!!
  8. OMG you got a STEAL. That is what I love about eBay. I ALMOST took a chance on that one too. gorgeous. Although I prefer the wierd shine thing goin on :p so happy for you
  9. :wtf: I HATE YOU!!! (Totally kidding!) LOL!!! You lucky girl!! is stunning!!! :yes:
  10. Beautiful bag! And what's this I hear about $455 on eBay!?! I think you may have gotten one of the best Bal bargins yet! Congrats!
  11. congrats on your lovely bag & a great buy!
  12. I LOVE the silver hardware and your bag looks brand new! What a find:nuts:
  13. Thanks for all the sweet compliments!! Yes, I did get it for $455 or so and not only do I feel pretty when I wear the purse, I feel so rich too (rich because I saved money!). Another great thing is that since it's already pre-loved, I don't have to be so cautious and I can bang it around all I want.

    This whole "buying pre-loved" bags is actually quite fun. You have that "thrill of the hunt" thing going on, plus the instant gratification of turning a worn bag into something fabulous for you, and hopefully you can save money too!
  14. Love it! Congrats!:yes:
  15. i like it when it's shiny better...but i'm glad u turned the bag the way u like best!! congrats :smile: