Now positive my Ledbury is a fake!!

  1. Hi, received my Ledbury this morning and it didn't seem quite right,
    The leather on my Annie is more bobbly/dimply.
    To check I whipped to my nearest Mulberry retailer and their Ledbury have a lot more texture, more dimply and had an inside pocket!!
    Also the care card is written in a different "text" to that of my authentic Annie one,
    Must admit I'm rather gutted, mostly with eBay now.
    Have emailed the seller to see what she has to say??
  2. oh Raycheim , I am sorry , its so depressing that sort of thing , hope you get it sorted . x
  3. Oh no! :tdown: I hope you can get it either authenticated or sorted out with the seller Rachie, it must be a worry? Have you posted pics on the authenticate thread?
  4. ETA: just seen your post on the authenticate thread. Ive had a look on there but honestly I cant tell, Im not very good at authenticating items beyond the obvious fakes! I hope you get it sorted one way or the other soon, as it must be hugely disappointing. Have you left feedback, or has the seller got back to you?
  5. I'm so sorry for you rachie but it may well be variations in the batch of Darwin leather. I've seen loads of variation in the amount of pebbling and colour hues that perhaps would look as if a bag's not authentic but actually just represent deviations from the norm. The stockholm store recently had a batch of bayswaters that looked much more orange than the average oak, and the leather felt different too, almost too pebbled. I may well have written any of those bags off as a fake if I'd seen it on eBay.

    Good luck! xx
  6. I can't tell. I've seen some very smooth darwin bags and some very bobbly grained ones in selfridges. before calling it out as a fake may be worth getting it authenticated by Mulberry.
  7. I am sorry to hear that rachie. The leather looks a little more shiny than usual, but it is hard to say.
  8. My fake Elgin was posted out to me in a plastic bag- no padding or anything! and it smelt of chemicals. All my genuine Mulberry darwin bags ( oak annie, choc bayswater and choc antony) have that gorgeous leather smell!
  10. Thanks Rachel (namesake)
    It's funny but I've been trawling ebay on authentic sellers sites and t be honest I'm not convinced it's a fake.
    I have seen a few smooth darwin leather bags especially in chocolate, the leather quality feels excellent but it doesn't have that knock out smell that my Annie does.
    Apart from the leather texture the rest looks fine, but saying that I'd imagine it would be an easy bag to copy?
  11. Have you heard from the seller?

    I keep looking at the pictures and there is nothing that screams fake. I know what you mean about the lovely mulberry smell though!

    Yes, I suppose it would be an easy bag to copy but I have not seen that many fake ledbury and as with any fake there is usually something 'off'

    Does the bag smell of something else, I am just thinking out loud but maybe it smelt (ie a smoker) and she has sprayed it religously in turn masking the mulberry smell? Ok maybe I am reaching here!
  12. no but the inside is dyed brown, which I know they do, could this mask a smell?
  13. To be honest the lock part of your bag looks a bit too gold and sparkly to me; see my reply on the Authenticate thread! Also whats the dustbag like? Is the cord thick or thin? Is the tree in the right hand corner? Is the dustbag comprised of 2 sides stitched together?
  14. Not as such - I have smelt chocolate ledburys before ( sorry I sound like a wierdo!) and they did have the smell.