Now or Later?


Should I buy the Carly now or later?

  1. Buy it now - beg as much as you can!!

  2. Wait - patience is a virtue!!

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  1. Gah, I need your purse expertise!

    I was told I'll be getting $200 In Nov. 17 for my birthday. I've been planning that'll save that money until the December PCE and ask *nicely* for a discount to get a Top Handle Pouch Carly. Today I went to Macy's and saw a Cotton Signature Top Handle Pouch Carly at $148(30 bucks cheaper than on the website.) But my parents probably won't go for it.
    So, what's a Coachie to do?
  2. great deal. I see no harm in asking, see what they say.
  3. I say wait. You might find a better deal elsewhere or fall in love w/ something else altogether and get it for the next PCE.
  4. Gah, I'm going to Macy's this weekend, better make up my mind soon...
  5. Do you really love the bag at macy's or do you have your eye on something else at the coach store? if you love the bag try to get it, if not wait for the next pce.