Now NPB pays and I've already closed the dispute?


Apr 22, 2006
What do I do here?
I had a buyer from, didn't pay. I waited a week and sent the Unpaid Item Reminder. I heard a few excuses from her but no payment and 2-3 days to respond to my emails. I waited yet another week, gave up, closed the UI Dispute and left her a negative (I hate doing that, but I thought she earned it).
Now she's come out of the woodwork and announced to me that she's going to pay and still wants the item. Apparently she has just made a WU payment (no Paypal account) and just sent me the control #. If I verify that she did in fact pay, I feel awful about her negative. What can I do? It left her with 0 feedback (1 pos. 1 neg.). Was I hasty in leaving a negative?


Jan 3, 2007
No you weren't hasty. You gave her every opportunity to be responsible buyer and she wasn't. You shouldn't feel bad for doing the right thing.

Question is are you going to deal with her now? IMO she's already shown herself so the WU payment is highly suspect.

Good luck!