now, my turn

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  1. i sold a pair of NIB juicy couture flats on ebay. buyer made offer and i accepted it.
    paid, shipped
    last weekend, on thursday night. buyer emailed me:
    i immediate replied saying i did not try to hide anything from her. i inspected them myself, packed them myself and they are New, Fresh from store...

    anyways, i said i have those same pairs myself so i can send her the replacement charm from my own shoe. of course they are rehookable.

    i tried it myself by unhook the ring (the charm attach to the ring) and hook it back to my other pair of my shoe. i sent her the other charm.

    i sent priority on friday morning so she can have it as soon as monday.

    i dont make TONS on these, just enough to fund my yorkie's stuffs- she also loves JC (out of topic);)

    so anyways, she was calmed down and accepted my offer to send the replacement charm only if it is rehookable. and as i tested, it is- so i sent it to her.

    i also felt very bad that she couldnt wear it as she wanted to for the weekend.

    this is the shoe

    and this is the charm. i sent this exactly as shown, w the ring unhook so she doesnt have to unbuckle the ring when she got it...


    i thought everything was settle

    now, i just got an email from her

    it seriously took me not more than 20 sec for everything, unhook and testing the rehooking...

    well, i just responded to her saying simply return it to me via priority w tracking, and i will issue refung when i get it.

    why, please people explain to me why...would i have to hide the missing charm so then i have to pay from my own pocket to priority the charm to her- no complain- it is my fault- and i will do it to satisfy my customer-

    of course i didnt hide on purpose - duh

    anyways, i sent her an email saying i will refund when i get it

    then i send another one confirming my address

    but i forgot to say that she must send it back unuse and must provide me tracking within 3 days.
    should i email her again - or is it too much to ask?

    was i wrong?

    sorry, just need to vent
  2. shes having buyers remorse...
  3. no its not too much to ask. id email her again and make sure.
  4. ITA... and she sounds totally ridiculous!
  5. thanks guys, i feel a lot better now...
  6. She sound like a buyer that I would not wanna deal with. I would email her again stating that the item has to be in the original used condition etc. and you have X amount of day to get the item back to you otherwise the refund will not apply.
  7. i will wait until tomorrow morning to email her again about the deadline.
    she did say that she couldnt where it since the shoe was missing the charm...
    but def. will send another one tomorrow.

    i dont want to sound too harsh since i still feel it was my fault:crybaby: and keep her away from paypal claim.
    she have up to 45days to file w paypal if she choose to

  8. now she wants partial refund
  9. Ummm... sounding like buyer's remorse :yucky: We have to more carefully to resell shoes at this time. I have newbie buyer's remorse from Korea, purchased shoes and very rude buyer :cursing:

    Just take back your shoes and relist, I pretty sure she'll make you difficult if you refuse return...
  10. she now wants partial refund. i said ill give her 5.00 and that's all or send it back.
    the shoes are brand new and i will have no problem reselling it, i've sold 5 pairs in 1 month and people are loving theirs....

    her tone, causing her problem...causing her time...i tried to scam her...
  11. block her!! and no partial refund. just take it back and be done with her.
  12. Ughhh... Sounding she want to get brand new shoes with bargain price :yucky: If she refuse partial refund $5, just take back your item.
  13. Block her then ask her to go through a PP claim process. That way you don't have to refund her shipping. Let her pay for her remorse!
  14. ^ she knows that she has to pay for the shipping, that's why she wants the partial refund instead. im still waiting for her respond....
    can i leave a note in my partial refund to her?
    i want to say...
    buyer agreed to complete this transaction w 5.00 refund from me to cover the fee to put back a charm.
    can i put something else to assure it?
  15. no advice just wanna say it was so nice of you offering her your charm. yet she's taking advantage of your kindness:sad: