Now my district manager knows I'm addicted!

  1. LOL. So I work in retail, I am in charge of the drapery department in a large chain-store.

    My District Manager was in the building today, doing a "walk" with one of the other department managers.

    I constantly rotate my bags, and today it was a Speedy kind of day. My department manager (David) infact, called me Louis when he opened the door up for me this morning. LOL.

    So I am engrossed with doing markdowns, sitting on the floor next to one of the drapery tower displays, and my district manager Kevin and my department manager David walk by.

    Kevin stops, and says, "So how many purses do you have?"

    "Um. Quite a few." (Wondering what brought that up.)

    David: "Tell him how many and what kind."

    "Um about 12-15 Coaches..."

    David: "And..."

    "About 8 Louis Vuittons."

    Kevin's mouth dropped open. LOL. And then as he was walking away, "Remind me to look at what I pay you."

    Of course he was too far away for me to say, "not enough." LOL.

    Apparently during the walk, the guys were wondering why someone would need a purse hook, which we had just gotten in. The District Customer Service manager tried to explain to him (she's a Coach fan) that you just don't set your $300 purses on the dirty floor! And then he wondered who would pay that much for a purse! LOL. And then I got dragged into it! :p
  2. Awww, that is a riot! I love it! And you do have a jaw dropping collection!
  3. Haha. That's funny but oh well. Better that than being accused of having a fake!! :lol:
  4. LOL Who would even question the fact that designer bags shouldnt be put on dirty floors.Gosh.Some people..:wtf::wtf::shrugs:
  5. bahaha that is too funny. when someone asks me how many purse i have, i just say "oh...not that many" to avoid any funny looks and questions. sometimes its easier that way.
  6. Haha thats kinda funny..seemed like it was in good humor. Some people just dont understand, but I hate talking about how much I spend on purses. I try to bring it up with anyone that I am not extremely close with..