Now let's see your WRISTLETS!


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Jul 24, 2006
We've seen your mini-skinnies, let's see your WRISTLETS!

I use mine mainly as make-up bags in my larger bags, but a few I use on their own.

See I don't have a lot.. so maybe I should change that this year.. :graucho:


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i'm embarrassed coz i only have a small collection, just started to collect mine. i returned my soho leather in mahogany, i have the leather with that extra pocket on the front with buckle, can't remember what its called, soho large wristlet or hamptons(?) and a rafe ny from target clutch/wristlet in vanilla.
Here are mine. I think that there is one more waiting for me in my apt. (it was an xmas gift from the bf and I didnt want to have to open it to get on the plane and I didn't want to put it in my luggage, SO I get it on the 12th).


(this one was too big to be in an attachement, so sorry about that)


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Krispin: love the red one!
aarti: I really like your 'wapity'!
batgirl: I also like your gold one! Very pretty!

Here are mine. The brown in the back is an old one I got on ebay a while back. Don't even know if it's real but it holds my checkbook when I need it. The white duffle in the back is actually my first real coach purchase but I don't remember when I got it. The signature and Legacy are from this fall.


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sorry my skinnys are mixed in with my wristlets too...

but hey - anything with a wrist strap is a "wristlet" in my mind! heheheh



PDA/Universal case that i use as a camera bag (ignore the keyfob - returned the beauty case below with the credit)

and the beauty case