Now I've seen it all - Buying Ebay ACCOUNTS

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  1. I just received an email from a person who wants to buy established ebay accounts!!

    I didn't click on the link for more info.......

  2. I got it too. How in the world would you pull THAT off? You certainly can't change names and addresses, etc., and keep it from becoming identity theft. Another scammer who thinks we're all short a few screws out here!
  3. that smells like a scam - whatever people are up to???
  4. Yeah,most likely a scam.
  5. Did you report it to ebay?

  6. The way it would work is they would buy the account and the owner of the account would hand over their password.

    Then the new owner would change the information to their own information.

    You absolutely can change address, etc. I have moved 3 times since being on ebay. I have changed my address 3 times and my user name 2 times.

    Basically they are buying the feedback history and % score.

    I wouldnt be surprised if this has already been happening for a long time.

    I own a few domain names that im just sitting on right now. I have acutally had 2 different people email me, asking if I would be willing to sell them.

    If I did, I would just take out all my personal info, and hand him over a password.

  7. I recently donated an eBay account (established with over 100 rating 100%) to my daughter's school, including 2 hours of eBay selling lessons. I will change the account name & password to the winner's choice and the address, help them set up a Paypal account. FOr the last year I occasionally sold and purchased on theat acct with the sole purpose of donating it.

    The school got $500.00 for it!

    Nothing wrong with that.
  8. If a seller sells his/her id, ethically this seller is responsible for his/her clients' future lost since they have been trusting this id. I hope a reputable seller will never do that.
  9. looks like they're trying to buy your credibility and sales history... out of curiosity, how much would someone offer for something like this??
  10. I'm afraid to click on the link.
    What if it's a keylogger??!!

    I deleted it.

    Now I'm curious as well!

    (No, I wouldn't do that)
  11. For the right price some poor fool(s) will fall victim to it. And if they are that stupid to do it, they deserve the consequences.

  12. this is true...

    ... or maybe a simple lapse of judgement...
  13. i would have thought that ebay would not let you change the owners name but hey if there is no problem with that i dont see why not.
  14. UNBELIEABLE!! I wouldn't do it. I am really surprised a school would ask this of someone ~ takes alot to ask this sort of thing I think no matter who it is for.

  15. You have to be very careful selling an ID as you don't actually own it. On the UK powerseller board someone posted a thread regarding this and the eBay moderator posted saying that it is against eBay rules.

    How they would know anyone did it is the question though and a friend who sold her business sold her ID along with it.