Now im worried!!!

  1. Ok I called my coach store and they pre ordered the Brass/Khaki/Ebony Legacy shoulder zip for me. YAAAY!! My SA took down all my info and pulled the last one they had in the store.She told me to call back if there is anything I wanted to add and they would pull it for me. My concern now is what if I don't get the PCE card.:s Do you think they would still give me the discount? Arghhh Im scared now!!! What do you ladies think?
  2. Probably will if your SA is familiar with you and you've made previous purchases.
  3. That's the problem I have not purchased from this store. It was the only place that had the bag I wanted. Should I call back and ask or just wait and see what happens? =o(
  4. Anybody have any opinions???? Any sugestions would be much appreciated!!
  5. 1) It won't hurt for them to hold it for you if they are willing to until you know if you're getting a PCE card or not.
    2) If you don't get it then the SA may offer the discount to you anyway.
    3) If you don't get it then you have to decide if you are going to pay full price or have them put it back.
    4) Other than the above there is no way anyone can know if you will get the PCE card or if the SA will be nice and give you the discount. You pretty much will have to wait and see what happens.

    Good luck! And hope you get it!
  6. Once the cards come out, eBay gets flooded with them. As a last resort, you could calculate if you save enough buying one on eBay.

    Maybe Sprinkles or someone else can advise if the cards will be in envelopes - meaning SA's won't be matching card to buyer.