Now I'm thinking that my Black GGH Day is too veiny!!! :( What do you think?

  1. All my other Balenciagas are not like that. The leather on this one is not as soft and buttery. What do you think? Too stiff and veiny?



    :tdown: ????
  2. I think it looks gorgeous! I like a few veins on my bbags, but if it doesn't make your heart sing...I'd exchange it for one that does.
  3. It's too much money to spend on a bag that YOU don't love! If you can exchange it for one with your ideal leather, I would do that...
  4. I don't see anything wrong with the bag (just from the photos), but you're the one that has seen it in person and will be one carrying it around. If you are hesitant about the bag, then return it for one you'll absolutely love.
  5. Has anyone seen this style in the buttery leather? I don't think Barneys even had it! Maybe it doesn't come in this style?
  6. Is this the Spring/Summer leather from this year, or the Fall/Winter leather? It seems that the F/W leather is more buttery and less veiny. I love your bag, but if you prefer non-veiny leathers, then you should try to exchange it.
  7. ;)No way.
    Your bag is gorgeous.
  8. No! It looks wonderful! Keep in mind that the leather REALLY softens up with use. It will be like a different bag after you wear it for awhile.
  9. i agree- it looks fine to me. and they do soften up with use. but if you aren't happy, then return it.

  10. The card inside said 1 so I assume it's from the Spring/Summer collection.
  11. Has anyone seen the F/W version of this bag? Is the leather thicker and more buttery?
  12. :heart:It's gorgeous!!!:heart::heart:
  13. I've seen WAY veinier bags than that...I think yours has just enough. But if you prefer no veins/more smoothness definitely return or exchange. Beautiful Day!

    Forgot...LMB Ultimate Moisturizer took a lot of the veins out of my 06 Truffle....if you decide to keep it you might want to try that.
  14. I think that your day is very pretty, but your the one that has to wear it and love it, so its really how you feel!
  15. Yes, all my bbags' leather has softened up with everyday use, when they were originally stiff and shiny.