Now I'm onto some Suhali accessories

  1. I think my next purchase of small leather goods will be Suhali, and probably my last for a while, I'm thinking the white in the agenda pm and the cles......anyone have these, like them??? I'm loving using my small agenda instead of a wallet so I'm planning on wanting another....
  2. I love the inseparable , and the cles too :love: the geranium color is to die for!:nuts:
  3. oh, i love the cles :girlsigh:
  4. The cles is a def., I love to collect them anyway and now I have 7 which is an odd number which I don't like.....need an even number so I just HAVE to get another cles anyway, it might as well be
  5. I vote for geranium too which is getting difficult to locate here:crybaby:
  6. i have a black suhali cles and even though it doesnt hold as much(about 2 cards and some folded cash but i tuck the key holder inside) as my damier cles (5 cards, folded cash, and change) it is still a nice thing to have! the little touches make a big difference such as the premium zipper pull and gold tone metal edges =)
  7. Yeah, I like it, it's nearly the same set up as the MC one I have, the vernis are tighter as well, but the reg mono, damier, cerises, are larger and the perfo is the largest of them all so far.....