Now I'm dreaming about them!

  1. Yesterday was a super-stressful day, and my husband is on a business trip. So, I was poking around on tPF till the wee hours. Didn't sleep very well and don't remember most of it. Except, I had a dream about digging around in some store (not a real one that I recognized) and finding a green (sort of a cross between vert d'eau and sage) b-bag on sale really really cheap, $600-something. It was sort of like the day in style. I'm hoping it's a sign of bargains to come...;)
  2. That'S too funny..everytime I want a bag really bad I start dreaming about it..Like I have this dream about finding a Rouge Theatre Work AND a Magenta Work at the same time BELOW retail, all the time..when I wake up I'm sad tht it was just a dream
    When I told my BF about it THAT was the time he oficially called me a BBag &TPF nerd :biggrin:
  3. I dream about bags too. Sometimes I wake up and I'm so disappointed because I always get my dream bag at a great deal.
  4. At least you are keeping your work stress 'bagging' in your dreams. I can't say the same about myself. Amazing what you can source, order and pay for in a 15 minute coffee break!!!
  5. :rolleyes: Actually, I'm waiting for an Anthracite City AND the LE Magenta City, so not really keeping it just in my dreams. :rolleyes:
  6. I am the same way when I hang out tPF for too many hrs in one day I start having dreams...:nuts:
  7. I have seriously been dreaming about BBags too! I am still trying to finalize my decision about what to get (for my very first one!) and am seriously obsessed to the point I now dream about them!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. OMG I have to laugh at this thread because I've done it too!! I cannot believe I've dreamt about bbags.

    WTH is wrong with me? Its only when there is something major on my mind like one that I'm trying to get or something like that. Its hilarious though to me. I wake up shaking my head and laughing.

    Maybe its not that funny actually.
  10. I just woke up from a strange dream.

    I love Balenciaga. The fact that I will have to probably sell a kidney just to afford one doesn't even hurt my feelings! Someday, I will own one!

    I already know what I want. I want a white First. I'd prefer the large gold hardware, but I don't know enough about BBags to know if that even exists. Who cares, obviously I can still dream!!

    So my dream was that we were at a "Balenciaga Museum" on "Highway 30 in Colorado". Not sure if there is a Highway 30 in Colorado, or even a Balenciaga Museum anywhere, but I was there!

    And for the life of me, I couldn't find the BBags. There was everything else...wall hangings, (it was more like a craft fair type set up, really) but as hard as I tried, I couldn't find them. My parents and a couple friends and cousins were there (such a strange dream, really) but I was always coming back to searching for the bags.

    Much to my dismay, I never found them. I have yet to see a real BBag in person (I live in Nebraska...won't happen here) but someday!!

    Thanks for letting me share! Have a great day, everyone!!!
  11. Yeah, you're right...there is no such thing as a First w/giant gold hardware...maybe that's why you couldn't find the bags in your dream? ;)

    The giant gold hardware doesn't come on the First or does come on just about every other style, though.

    P.S. That's hilarious ... Balenciaga museum on hwy 30 in Colorado. ;)
  12. That's too cute. It's funny what your mind will come up with in dreams sometimes. I had an odd one on Monday that cracked me up all week.
  13. It was the strangest dream, I promise.

    My mom and I were at BalNY. Now, I've been to BalNY, but in my dream, it looked nothing like reality. It was a large warehouse type place (ok, that part holds true to reality), but the bags were all in a huge pit, for people to comb through and select. When the selection got low, the BalNY employees would open a portal in the ceiling ad dump out fresh bags. LOL- yes, I'm serious. They were all 2008 bags- the ceiling dumped RH Petal Pink Cities, SGH Electric Blue Works, GGH Vert Thyme Briefs, etc. There were a ton of bags.

    My mother (who is anti, anti, anti expensive anything) told me she wanted to buy me the Balenciaga of my choice, because she wanted to make me happy! LOL!! Which is soooooooooooooo far from reality as to be laughable. (Not that she doesn't want me to be happy, but she does NOT exactly have a Balenciaga budget, nor does she approve of conspicuous consumption.) And guess what? In my dream I TRIED TO TALK HER OUT OF IT!!! LOL- also, far from reality. :push: Unfortunately, my argument succeeded and she backed out of her offer. Aw.

    But in my dream, I fell deeply in love with an Electric Blue SGH work. I kept modeling it over the shoulder and the Bal girls were telling me how hot it looked. The funny thing is that I didn't want that before my dream, but now I do! It was hot! :drool:

    Anyway, just thought this was funny and wanted to share.
  14. That's hilarious. It made me think about that vampire movie (Blade) where they were at this huge dance club and blood dropped down from the ceiling.
  15. Cute! I like how you dream of Bbags while thinking of Bbags keeps me up at night. I have trouble sleeping when I want a Bbag and am unable to find it! :p