Now im debating :( ROP

  1. I can get my mum and brother to get me the MJ zip clutch in light grey, and ask my SO to get me MJ Multi pocket in black, or the venetia (still undecided) or do you think that's just selfish? He bought me a MJ Blake in Spearmint for our Anniversary (supposed to be my bday but...) so many decisions :cursing:
  2. If they can afford it, go right ahead and request it.
  3. Venetia, I agree... as long as it isn't something that will put them out, I say it an acceptable request for a present!! Great choices! :yes:
  4. I agree, after all, you're worth the gifts, right???

    I say go for the MP!!
  5. Owh I love the zip clutch in light grey!