NOW I'm banned...(pics)

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  1. This is my last bag purchase for the year. No more LVs, no more Chanels, no more Hermes. I'm on a TOTAL BAG BAN. :crybaby: It's totally worth it though.

    No long reveal this time...I know its early morning in most parts of the world (it's 7:11pm here), so most of you will still be asleep. :P Here's the current apple of my eye...:heart:

    32cm Black Ostrich Kelly GHW (stamp W circle-1993) but in perfect, pristine condition! I'm on :cloud9:.


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  2. Congratulations! A rare beauty!
  3. congratulations, dear! :heart:
  4. She is such a beauty!:tup::yahoo: Totally worth a little spending restriction. BEAUTIFUL is all I can say. Enjoy and please, share some modeling pictures when you are up to:yes:
  5. Gorgeous classic bag!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Oh WOW, that is soooo fab! Congrats!
  7. WooW!!:drool::drool:absolutely gorgeous!!!!!Congrats!!!!
  8. More pics. Sorry for the bad pics, I'm NOT a very good photographer and the flash keeps ruining the photos. Will take more pics in the morning. ;)


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  9. oh wow. she looks so cool! congratulations!!!
  10. Congrats LV Lady. Enjoy!
  11. the LV_Lady:

    Wow she's a stunner! You've done good! How about some action shots with this baby!

  12. Congrats, its beautiful, wear in the best of health and happiness
  13. terrific! congrats!
  14. Cool! Congrats the_lvlady!!
  15. gorgeous find the_lvlady...congrats!