Now I wish I could have the $ from my two bags to buy furniture!

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  1. Money is thin with all the work we are doing with the house and I have two designer bags (one a gift, one a good deal I got on it) and while I love them, I'm looking at them right now and thinking, "Man, if I had the money that spent on you (one never used, the other used once and I've had them for a year), I could buy that bed I want and get my $%#@ mattresses off the floor! (Dh likes low beds and we've been just waiting for one to appear (used on CL) that fits the bill. Well, one just popped up and it's GORGEOUS and just our style and right now I have like so little cash flow! I've been looking for such a bed for THREE YEARS and NOW of all times one pops up!! UGH!!!! I wish it were easy to sell designer bags FAST. A bed seems a much better value for the money.. Sigh.... (and I have tried selling them on feedbay, but man are things selling slow or not at all!)

    Wonder what else I have lying around to sell! Hmmm.... not much!
  2. I'm not sure what you want to spend but I know how you feel. I had a mattress on the floor for almost a year looking for a platform bed. I finally found the perfect one at Ikea. You should check there if you have one around you. I believe I got mine for $200 or so.
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    We're looking for something pretty specific - platform bed, with a shallow headboard and underbed storage that looks good with the rest of our bedroom furniture (Henredon really nice stuff). We 'could' buy it new, but everything we like is $3000 and up for just the bed and since we know if we are just patient something will sell on CL for half that or less, we wait. It's just too hard to spend that $$$ when we got the rest of the set for $500 when it's very high quality.

    But with $11,000 spent on the bathroom in the last month and another $3000 on other furniture and supplies for all this switching and $3000 on electronics, coming up with another $1500 right now is next to impossible. (This bed I found was probably $4000 originally). We don't ever carry debt on our CC and well, CL is always cash only.

    Should add that with CL scouring this past month, I've been able to get a new sofa set, two new kid's bedroom sets and a large kitchen pantry (matching the rest of my kitchen) for about $3000 and if I had bought all that new (same quality) we would have spent more than $18,000. This is all our style too and not some outdated 'no one wants it' stuff.)
  4. Yeah I'm just more simple. I like very plain modern for now (I'm sure that will eventually change at some point). That's awesome you've found everything for such a great deal and have no CC debt. I'm a big advocate of having no CC debt. I feel that's so important which is why I teach CARE classes in my spare time. Keep hanging in there and I'm sure it will pop up again. I've been seeing more and more things pop up because of the economy. ;)
  5. The set I saw actually would be considered "ikea style" but real wood.
  6. have you gotten your son's bedroom set yet?

    we have been scouring CL for baby far we have gotten some clothes [really nice], a boopy pillow [new], a really nice bassinet, a crib and mattress [hardly used] a boppy bouncer chair [pink and too cute] and a swing in pending [like new] for just over $200
  7. You could try e-bay and see if the seller is willing to wait 5 days or a week for you to get the money together from the auctions. A consignment store is another idea only things tend to move slowly there.