Now I went to the outlet lol..

  1. And I bought two scarves and a pebbled red bag for my mother.
    THEY HAD THE NYLON SATCHEL!! But in large..:crybaby:
    So sadly, and reluctantly I passed.. But today makes me realize I need to get some type of clutch wallet...MJ perhaps?:graucho:
    I'll post the bag picture later, but here's my scarves!
  2. Love the optic scarf!
  3. can't wait to see your bag!
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. Does the purple scarf have a little bow on it? Cute I love scarves! Congrats.
  6. very pretty scarves! Enjoy them!
  7. Congrats! Love the scarves
  8. Thanks all! No the purple doesn't have a bow on it, it has reversible solid and Cs.
  9. ^^Oh and examine your scarves! The monochromatic one had this little red pen mark, and with the sales and everything I got an additional 10 percent off!!
  10. Cute!! I love the purple scarf!
  11. ^^Thanks! Pursefanatic, were you referring to the skinny one? I didn't see any of those at the outlet that day, the purple is the thinnest width I found.
  12. Yeah the purple one I saw at the outlet in Leesburg was thin & had a tiny bow on it...I was thinking about getting it & decided not to b/c I don't know how much I would actually wear it. It looks exactly like the only you purchased but w/ a bow.