Now I want something bronze!

  1. After Traci's post about her growning bronze family...I have been dreaming about it!

    Can't get it out of my mind:upsidedown: :wacko:

    Not sure if I want bronze or gold? I think it will look good with the antigua towel and tote!

    What do you think will match better gold or bronze?
  2. Bronze! ....but what item do you have in mind?:graucho:
  3. What gold were you thinking about?

    Here's some bronze bags to consider (see photo): the Houston, Forsyth PM and Christie PM. The Tompkins Square is also nice (it's similar to a Deauville).
  4. Did the bedford ever come in bronze or gold?
  5. Yes, the Bedford came in bronze. I am still confused about the gold - was there a gold vernis?
  6. I thought there was, but I guess I was wrong...

    I love the christie PM...thanks for the pick..

    The bedford sounds awesome, too!
  7. Thanks so much Sue... The idea has really taken hold now...ack! now I am on a mission!
  8. What do you think of the hazelnut, I kinda like that too....I like that it is still available, too.

    Has anyone seen this IRL?
  9. Uh oh, so I've got some competition, huh? hee hee, just kidding!!
  10. I have the bronze bedford and I :love: it!!!!!!
  11. The bronze is hot! I love that bedford.