Now I want a mono speedy!

  1. This must be what it feels like to be an addict....I now want a mono speedy. The only thing I'm worried about is that it will patina unevenly and look horrible.

    Is there any way to ensure that a bag will patina evenly?

    Please tell me nice things about the mono speedy. I don't care if anybody thinks it's a fake. In fact, if any person who looks dubious asks me I WILL tell them it's a fake. (I'm petrified of bag-snatchers)
  2. Get it! I love how it looks with patina. I would suggest sitting it by a window and making sure your hands are very clean (watch hand lotion, wet hands, etc). Don't carry it in the rain or snow. It shouldn't be too stressful!
  3. now i want mono speedy too! i'm about to return denim pink speedy and get mono 30...... this is the only bag i thought i'd never get!!! grrrh!;) :heart:
  4. It's the greatest bag ever IMO. I've had mine for about 2 months now and the patina is coming along nicely on it's own. It's still light but not as light as when I first purchased it of course. I don't do anything special. I don't sit it by the window or put anything on it. I don't even watch hand lotion (not that I use it often anyway...I do use a moisturizer on my hands in the mornings and at night but that's usually way before I ever pick up my bag).

    I don't touch my bag while my hands are wet--after washing...but that's not just for LV..that's for any of my bags.

    I also don't like carrying any of my bags in the rain or snow my LV bags or any bag that I own. I have two great Kenneth Cole bags that are patent leather--one in burgundy/wine patent and one in black patent that I've had forever and I use those in inclement weather.

    I don't think you have to think too much about the care of this bag. You'd take care of it just as you would any nice thing you own but you don't have to baby it either. I naturally take good care of my things in general so it's no different for the Mono 30;).

    I know you will love it when you get it.
  5. i love my mono speedy holds everything and is adorable
  6. It's the best bag ever!!! :yahoo: I've had mine since last year and the patina is coming along evenly. I sprayed it with Wilsons protectant spray a few times. You'll love it! :heart:
  7. I have a mono 30, but Ill add my 2 cents. I absolutely LOVE this bag. I have never loved a bag as much as this. I dont know how to make it pantina evenly, because mine is darker where I carry it, then on the other parts, make sense? But I dont care I love love love it
  8. I wouldn't recomend tanning the bag. If you put it by the window you would need to keep moving the handles to ensure an even patina. It will come fast enough without you doing that. Bascially it will patina evenly as long as you keep your hands clean, don't grab the bag immediately after applying lotion and moreso if you hold your bag in the crook of you arm as opposed to the handles! Good LUCK!
  9. I love my mono speedy. It should patina evenly without any problems. Spray it first so you won't have problems with water stains.
  10. ^^ So true. I meant to add the part about carrying the bag in the crook of your arm as well. That's how I always carry mine. I don't think I've ever carried it by the handles...
  11. Awww, don't return the pink speedy. It's such a lovely piece. Plus it's seasonal. The mono is one of the least expensive and will always be available. Keep it girl:p
  12. I love my mono speedy! A tribute:

    Mono oh mono I love you mono bag,
    You came to me with a low price tag!

    You're precious, classic, sophisticated, and flirty,
    The 25, too small, but perfect is the thirty!

    Even now when I hold you my heart pitter patters,
    There are others to carry, but you're all that matters.

    I'm sorry that I may sound a bit too needy,
    This happens when you're in love with a speedy! :heart:

    LOL! Sorry, have insomnia tonight!
  13. What a cute tribute to the speedy!!
  14. I'd get it! It's a MUST HAVE!!!:p For an even patina just make sure your hands are clean before holding it
  15. I have a love/hate relationship with the mono speedy. I was going to get it because its so classic, but now I don't think i'm going to get it. For an even patina just be sure that your hands are clean and it should be fine.