Now I understand your bad service rants...

  1. So I'm in Orlando on a super short getaway before starrting my new job (:yahoo:). We went to the Coach outlets on friday but nothing caught my attention. So saturday we went to this FAB mall called The Mall at Millenia. I was planning on getting my initial charm and the heritage stripe cosmetics pouch. We walked in and an SA heard us talking in spanish and she came over and said hola (she was hispanic too). So I asked her about the charm and she said they only had what was on display. So then I asked her about the heritage stripe line and she looked at me like I was from outer space. I described it to her and she said it was the Bleecker line...:hrmm: Then I saw some canvas items that resemble the heritage stripe and she THEN said, oh, we don't carry it. No offer to order or anything. :cursing: I was livid. :hysteric: I've never been looked at like an alien at Coach. My SA's are soooo nice. I wanted to order them and have the shipped but after that experience, I left, pissed.

    Hubby, THE best, then said "there's LV, lets go there", so we did. I got my gorgeous pomme cles!!!! While browsing LV hubby said to me in a whisper "I like Coach better" to which I answered that I do too. Good thing I really love Coach or that SA could've made me never go back.
  2. You should have went to the Florida Mall, they are nice very there! Did you go to both COACH outlets??
  3. I love that mall I go there everytime I visit my parents. Though, I'm sorry about your experience at Coach. The SA must have been new...sometimes it stinks when you know more than they do.
  4. Yup. I just didn't fall in love with anything, a prerequisite of mine when on a tight budget.
  5. ahh, that's annoying. im sorry that you had to experience that; bad service is soo much worse when it's at a store that you usually love! at least you got even with them in a way ;) although yes, like your man said, we are all coach girls at heart ;)