NOW I understand why you ladies/gents do it!


Aug 20, 2006
Hello everyone!

I just recently received my dream black purse! I noticed the colour looked a little dull and that it didn't move around as nicely as my truffle day....or feel as soft as my black I decided to buy some lubriderm to see if anything actually happens. Well my bag turned a completly different was almost like a charcoal colour before, now it is a true black....and falls a lot better....I am going to apply another coat because it is still a bit dry...I never realized that some bbags can be so dry!! Needless to say I understand why everyone does it here...and I didn't know what lotion to get , so I just went ahead and got the lubriderm, mostly because everyone here has used it before and trusts it....I'm glad I did, it goes on soooo smooth!! Anyway I am even happier than before with my BLACK purse now! Thanks everyone for reading!:tup:


Aug 20, 2006
Unfortunately I can't...b/c stupid me didn't take a before shot!!! As soon as I was finsihed I was like "OH NOOO I forgot the before shot!!" It's too bad because you guys would NOT believe the was an intersting colour before! Now it's nice and black...sorry eveyone! I will still be posting pics of my black purse though...just not camera is acting up as usual!!:tdown:


Jan 18, 2006
No problem! Will still be great to see the finished product! Thanks for sharing with all of us!


Feb 22, 2006
New to H-town
nice to know lubriderm worked out well for you. Don't you love it when you can utilize your ordinary product into a fashion must have?!?! Hee Hee...

Congrats on your purchase....
and Welcome to the dark side!!! :yahoo:


Earth to Bella
Mar 22, 2006
Good for you for being brave enough to use
Not sure if I could.

Congrats on your new purse! A black purse is a very special bag to have.


I live for bags.
Jun 12, 2006
SF Bay Area
I just tried Lubriderm for the first time on a cheap Charles David bag I have (didn't want to risk a $$ bag). I'm happy with the results.

Now I just have to be brave and use it on my blueberry Day...:sweatdrop:


Nov 14, 2006
i'm glad it worked for you! i used it on the bottom of my new 05 black city and it took off the shine! the bottom is a lot softer now, but i miss the shine:confused1:
anyway, i won't be using it on the rest of the bag, but the bottom is nice and smooth!


Sep 9, 2006
I used Cetaphil(sort of like Lubriderm, I can't get Lubriderm in Australia!)on my dry 06 Truffle City and worked like a charm!

Now my Truffle is soft and smooshy...and a shade darker, which I actually like. Since my truffle was really shiny when I got her, it still maintains perfect amount of sheen to it:heart: Unfortunately, I don't have a before pic, but here's what it looks like now.



Aug 22, 2006
Dana Point, CA
It's great isn't it! I use Cetaphil Cream and/or Glysomed Handcream, and I think the only recommendation I would give is to pick a cream or lotion that is odorless (especially if you love the smell of Bal leather like I do), and one that absorbs quickly. I like the results on all my bags, but when one is really dry, the results are amazing! My good friend Pooh_girl really made me laugh when she first tried it, she told me she had to stop herself because she got addicted to moisturizing all her bags! I have also heard that corner wear results more from dryness than from the corners being rubbed raw, so that is another reason to keep your bags from drying out. As far as the bags losing there shine, in my personal experience my bags only lose their shine when I first moisturize them. By the second day their shine is back. Also, if you use a soft cloth on them after moisturizing, you can buff the shine back in. I am not sure if it's because of using different moisturizers than others who have lost the shine on their bags, but I do know I love my bags shiny, so I would be sad too if it took the shine away. With the two products I use, a little goes a long way, and they are absorbed quickly, so maybe that helps the shine factor. Check out these amazing before and after photos of my Teal City! It looks like a totally different bag! And it deffinitely has not lost it's shine, and may even look shinier in the after photos!

Dec 14, 2006
woah deana! that's amazing! you used the cetaphil FACE cream?!?! but it seemed like the colour of the bag got darkened?? or is it just me?:confused1:


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Jan 16, 2006
Firenze, Italy
When I first got my Bbags I treated them both (a Silver City and a Black First) with a "secret" ingredient suggested to me by a nice old guy who makes bags here in Firenze: (I know that this will horrify some TPFers, sorry for this side effect) SEAL GREASE! It is something used traditionally by Inuits up north to protect and waterproof leather, and I have to say that the results are amazing! It is almost odourless, yellowish, and penetrates leather really well. It is sold in small tin boxes like the one below. Sorry if it sounds a bit yucky (and not very animal-friendly :sad:) but sometimes the traditional things work the best, at least for me, being unable to get hold of LMB or lubriderm!


Mar 2, 2006
Has anyone tried using aveeno daily moisturizing lotion? It is also frangrance free and I am so tempted to use it on my bbag.


Aug 20, 2006
I don't think that it would be bad to use...I just liked the lubriderm b/c it spread sooo nicely! If you like the texture and think it will spread nicely I say go for it!