Now I understand...Pics of my new Magenta !!

  1. I know I'm in late ...but finally I've joined the Magenta Club :yahoo: !!!
    And now I understand why a lot of us love it :love: !!
    I've found this brand new pink beauty thanks to 2 lovely pfers:heart: !!
    Let me share my joy with you :wlae: !!!!



    First Magenta F05 (1).JPG First Magenta F05 (3).JPG First Magenta F05 (2).JPG
  2. welcome to the magenta club 'p'! congrats :yahoo:your magenta looks brand new! where ever did you find this beauty?
  3. Gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Thanks Ladies !!!
    Yes it's Brand New!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. Wow amazing colour congrats!
  6. congrats!!! lovely I must say and brand new too! wow...
  7. BREATHTAKING :yahoo: !!! CONGRATS 'P' fromparis to this AMAZING sweet beatuy :flowers: !! Ohhhhh I'm so happy for you :heart: you absolutely deserve it :yes: !
    Thank you so much for sharing !! ENJOY it :love:
  8. THAT is really TDF! :love: Congratulations, you lucky girl!!!
  9. What a find. Congrats Fromparis.
  10. :heart:beautiful :heart:
  11. Congrats !!!

    I've never considered magenta, it just doesn't fit my wardrobe but it's a stunning color. Have fun with it...I've been straying from Bal lately but I'm not done ;) !
  12. That's AWESOME! I'm glad you got it! I can't believe you found a brand new one?! I think smaller bags look GREAT in bright colors. I have a magenta pouchette/clutch and I love it! CONGRATS!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. :nuts:

    Congrats on such a great find!!!
  14. Beautiful! I would love the have a magenta hobo or shrug.
  15. Rondafaye, there was a magenta Shrug up on eBay from hgbags but it sold. If I would have known I would have let you known.:crybaby: