Now I REALLY hate NM!!! Advice please!

  1. So I called NM regarding my garbage service yesterday and told them I wanted a refund on the Firsts that I bought. They told me that since my ORIGINAL purchase (the Chloe I returned) was on my NM card, they could only give me a NM GIFT CARD because I have already cancelled my NM card because of all the crap service I have gotten from them. The difference that I paid yesterday was around $450 or something and they said they can send me a check for that once MY check clears blah blah blah.

    They refused to budge on the gift card issue and will not give me a check even though I obviously paid off my NM card in full for the original amount back when I bought the bag. So now what???? Am I supposed to sell these two brand new bags on friggin eBay just to get cash out of them so I can go to Nordies where the SA's AND the CS is great? I am just so frustrated right now!
  2. What state are you located in? if you dont mind me asking... because the state of CA & a few other states can have gift cards exchanged into checks by law.
  3. I'm not all too fond of them either right now. I saw your other post too, and I totally understand how you feel right now!! Call their Corporate Offices in Dallas and see if they would be willing to help makes things right: 1-800-937-9146.
  4. I can't believe they're being so horrible to you. Talk to corporate and demand better service. Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. I live in that means I can accept the GC and have them isue me a check?? I just have a feeling that those jerks would give me SUCH a hard time with it.

    Oh and BTW, I called again to talk with the original SA regarding the missing bag and she just said "Oh, well I did not know it was gone, I was going to look for another one for you." I told her I had spent basically an entire day round trip to come get the bag and she just said AGAIN "Well, I will just look for another one." OMG how do these people have a job. I would be FIRED for talking to people like I truly did not give a crap.

    The sad part is that I actually semi dressed up just to go to NM yesterday. This meant I had to wear Jimmy Choo boots and WALK multiple city blocks in them (my feet tend to feel broken after walking in heels) just to what "impress" those a-holes at NM???

    The last time I went in I was just wearing Abercromie stuff with my TR jeans and Chloe Paddy and I was treated like CRAP. I tried to get a La Mer eye cream sample and was told "Um we are all out of all eye cream samples :wtf:" They looked at me like I was a transient with a shopping cart for pete's sake!!
  6. Wow, I just called the NM 800 #.. and the CSR rep said that no one has ever asked that question before (redeeming a GC for a check). I pulled this infrom from the website


    Q Can the holder of a gift certificate or gift card redeem it for cash?

    A This depends on the policy of the seller. The gift certificate law states that a seller must either redeem a gift certificate or gift card sold after January 1, 1997, for its cash value, or replace it with a new certificate or card at no cost.14 However, California's Legislative Counsel has concluded that a seller is not required to redeem a gift certificate in cash when requested by a consumer.15 Thus, some gift certificate sellers redeem the gift certificate for cash or a combination of merchandise and cash, while some issue a new certificate for any balance remaining after the original certificate is redeemed. A gift certificate or gift card without an expiration date is valid until it is redeemed or replaced.16

    Where a seller accepts funds toward a gift certificate from one or more contributors as a gift for another person (the "recipient"), the seller must give each contributor a full refund of the amount paid toward the certificate if the time in which the recipient may redeem the funds by purchasing a gift certificate is clearly disclosed in writing to contributors and recipient and the recipient does not redeem the funds by the time disclosed.17

    I'm wondering if it applies to checks.. I've had Gift cards converted into checks (after a 4-6 week wait) from a pile of AMC Gift cards that sat on my desk for over a year. I had to be firm about it on the phone though. :yes:
  7. Oogie, you are such a sweetheart!!

    Good news, just got off the phone with the manager and CS rep at NM SF and they agreed to help me (Wow, how "great" of them, right?)

    They said I can mail back the bags and the credit can be placed on my closed NM account. Once I receive the statement showing the credit, I can call and request a check be mailed to me in that amount. WHEW what a PITA...but at least I can get my money back, it just may take a while.
  8. Cool beans!!!! I wanted to find out more information.. after having a somewhat negative conversation with the NM CSR Rep.. . just more fuel to add to the fire.. haha :devil: Good to hear that another NM is willing to help. :tup:
  9. ^^ OMG, you poor thing kristie, this is absolute lunacy!!!'s so hard to believe they can get away with this crap...but believe me, i've been treated like a doormat too by some SA's...there's gotta be another way out of this awful makes no sense to me that they won't refund your purchases :tdown:
  10. ^^ ACK, OMG, just saw this, yippy!!! :yahoo:
  11. NM's service has been really bad since they changed owners. I don't shop their anymore. Sorry to hear about your mishap, hopefully you will be credited properly.
  12. Is that what happened, they changed owners? I was wondering because there have been so many people complaining about them now. They seem to be so strict lately. Not good for business!
  13. Hey Kristie I'm glad to hear that they are going to work with you. Not that you will ever shop at NM again, but just in case, you should consider getting an American Express card. NM takes Amex. I have never had a problem returning stuff that I bought on the Amex card. Plus, Amex is really good when it comes to disputes. I've really had good luck with that card.
  14. :0( Make sure you got all parties' names--just in case:smile:
  15. Congrats kristie!! I hope they help you resolve you problem soon!!