Now I really am a Gold Member!

  1. Yooooo Hoooooo!!!!

    I got this last week but have been very busy so haven't posted pics. Got a HUGE move coming up soon so grabbed the Gold in Clemence whilst I could!

    The Gold really is a great neutral - can't wait to take her out for a spin on the bike!!!




  2. Absolutely gorgeous, congrats!!
  3. Love It!!!!
  4. Smart to get it before the huge might have decided not to afterwards! Beautiful bag,good for every season and great as a real workhorse. (Btw - those bag inserts made by make locating anything in a bag a doddle. I have an xlarge sturdy one in black in a bag this size.)
  5. Beautiful elegant Birkin and looks great on you too! Many congratulations.
  6. tres beautiful !
  7. Stunning, Cal! Look at her with your hair - what a classic, fabulous look for you!! So happy you could snag her before your move.

    You are ROCKIN that goldmember girly!


  8. FABULOUS!!!! You wear her extremely well and I am very very happy for you that you could get this sorted before your big move!
    Now you are ready to take Down Under not only by storm but in 'gold' style as well!
  9. Good for you, Cal! It looks perfect on you. :yahoo:
  10. Hot DAMN that bag is almost as smoking hot as it's owner! :graucho:
  11. OMG...Cal you look amazing--and the bag ain't bad either ;).........I love GOLD!! I think I might need a gold soon!
  12. Wow! It is fabulous!!!! Congratulations and enjoy in good health!
  13.'s so gorgeous and looks just amazing on you!! Congratulations!!
  14. Thanks so much Rose, Perja, J'Adore Paris, Fleursetcarlines, Gelbergirl, Katel, Hello, NinjaSue & Jugsey!
  15. Thanks Emanu, KallieGirl & Icechick!!!!

    I'm loving myself sick with this bag!