Now I Know What All the Rouge VIF Fuss Is About.... Rouge VIF Day is here!

  1. I love this bag style and color!! I always wanted a great looking Red hobo and this one is my dream bag. Rouge VIF is a gorgeous color! Pics don't do it justice.

    Rouge VIF Day.jpg
  2. Pretty! Congrats!
  3. Beautifulness!!!!
  4. Ohhhh rouge vif is very intoxicating... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  5. Congrats Golden :yahoo: !!!!
    Your Bag is gorgeous :love: !

    I'm just crazy about the Rouge Vif :nuts: !!!
    I want my Rouge Vif City now :crybaby: !!!!
  6. That's my dream bag!!!! It is beautiful. Where did you find it? I saw the rouge 06 work yesterday at Bal NY and nearly succumbed, but I held back waiting for the day.
  7. That's a nice bag, nice color. Congrats on your new bag:yahoo:
  8. Saks Greenwich and Boca stores just got them in. Ask for Debra in Boca or Ellen in Greenwich and they'll set you up!

    All......Thank you for sharing my delight with this color and style!!
  9. :yahoo: Gorgeous!!!!:yahoo:
  10. love it love it love it
  11. Hot hot hot bag Goldensx5 Congratulations!

    I hope my rouge city will be as pretty. I think this is the best hot red bag balenciaga has made since their '03 red!
  12. Congratulations!!! The Rouge VIF looks fabulous in the Day!!!!! :love: :love:
  13. Great Bag! It is making me reconsider the day. You have already been so helpful Goldensx5 - but let me ask you one more question. Can you let me know how the Day compares in actual use with your city's and twiggy? I am really stuck between the two styles, but maybe the Day is something I should be considering. :shrugs:
  14. ohmygod that color is gorgeous. love it!
  15. Wow! The Day looks absolutely stunning in that color! Congrats to you!:drinks: