Now I know I'm crazy.

  1. My mother loves Barbara Streisand. She's going to be in DC on Friday and I just thought (TODAY) 'hmm, I know she's probably sold out, but let me see if I can get some tickets'. Believe it or not, there tickets left! At a whopping 753 dollars PLUS another 70 dollar "convenience" fee PER TICKET!:wtf: Oh and these are for NOSEBLEEDS (Section 3, Row J in the Verizon Center). Now I'm sitting here tapping to myself and tallying up how much that costs in my head.

    1 purse
    1 pair of shoes (Guccis or a pair of those Roberto Cavalli Mary Janes I've been eyeing)
    1 new outfit
    and just enough change to buy some Chicken Teriyaki from Sarku Japan.

    I know it's awful. I really shouldn't be thinking that way, but I am. I just called my mom and told her about me pricing the concert. She said it wasn't that big of a deal because she said the price was ridiculous no matter who it was. I'm still trying to decide if I should just go for it anyway and suck it up. What do you think?
  2. I would never pay that much to sit in the nosebleed section! In fact, I auggest take her to dinner that night and watch a Streisand concert on DVD. The view would be much better. :happydance:

  3. First off you sound too cute....:flowers:

    Secondly, I probably would not buy tickets that are priced so high....I know you probably want to do something really nice for your mum....

    but you could probably do something else that will cost less....that price for those seats are not reasonable...

  4. :lol: My mother said that just now. She's got other Barbara Streisand concerts on DVD, so she told me she'd wait until it came out on DVD. I just figured that my mother should see her in person because she doesn't really perform anymore.
  5. This reminds me of a The Nanny episode where Fran didn't get to go to the concert but CC and her father held their cellphone up during the show so that she could hear it from home. It was too funny!
  6. Ummmm...... lets see..... Barbara Streisand vs. all of the above options, and your mom says its way too much $$$...... Im afraid for me that would be a no brainer. LOL!!!
  7. I say BUY HER THE TICKETS - seeing her live would be NOTHING like seeing the DVD - hearing an amazing singer live is - WOW.

    And the things you compared it to - you didn't compare it to rent, food or any 'needs' so it sounds like you can afford it (not like you'll be living in a box for month if you buy them).

    and it's for your MOM - she raised you! She squeezed you out!! (sorry - still remembering giving birth 8 months ago) she deserves the tickets for that pain:cry:

    Think about how happy happy happy it will make her!:yahoo:
  8. Well my mother is really adamant about not spending the money to see her, so I'm not going to disobey her. I'm not a bad child. Never have been. She just got a brand new purse from her only child and she's happy.
  9. The price is quite high, but I say buy them for her. She is your mother, and she would probably absolutely love it. Pretty much all the same reasons NYRIA listed.
  10. That is really high and the seats are not even that good.
  11. I have NEVER heard of anyone charging anywhere near that much money to hear them sing! Is she crazy?!?! I know she's a wonderful singer and all but that's ridiculous.
  12. I change my mind. That's like $800 just for a ticket to see her sing. Too overpriced. I think your mom would enjoy a night with you out to eat and watch her on DVD, she would probably even like it better.
  13. :wtf:

    if this were my mother i know that even though she'd enjoy going (well not to barbara streisand but whoever it happened to be) that would pretty much be ruined by the huuuuuuge guilt trip she'd have over me spending that much money! and she'd be outraged at them not being great seats :roflmfao: the only way i'd even think about it was if she didn't know the price and never saw the tickets :lol:

    and what on earth is a convenience fee :confused1: if it's inconvenient for you do you not have to pay it?
  14. If it was good seats, I'd say go for it.

    Save some for Sarku Japan definitely (I love their double chicken!).
  15. I would be money your mom wouldnt want you to spend that much on those tickets. That is ridiculous!! Its nice that you are thinking about it..but that is crazy. You should take mom out to eat, buy her a Barb Streisand gift basket(concert dvds, cds, ect.) Lots of cools stuff on ebay.