Now I know how "swept off my feet" feel like!! YES, I got my Birkin!!!

  1. Dear all,

    As you may know, I wrote yesterday about black Birkin that I didn't feel for.... I love the bag but not enough to spend big money on....

    Then this afternoon, I went into Hermes on Madison. First thing I saw was 30cm Chartreuse Togo Birkin in PW. It was shown on the shelf. I was so excited. However, I walked around the shop to calm down my excitement as well as observe each SA to make sure I approach the nicest one. hhahahha....

    10 mins after, I tried on the bag and OMG OMG.... I just felt like I'm on the moon.... Now, I know what you guys are talking about!!! The color is soooooo beautiful... It's not bright green as my agenda (Anis, I think). It's a softer green. I think I can wear her all year round. And Togo!! I love Togo.... Now I know the difference between Togo and Clemence.... Togo is soft but sturdy.... Clemence is soft too but thick and heavy....

    While I'm deciding, there were 3-4 people waiting for me and ready to take her off my hand if I declined the bag. I just can't believe I had an opportunity to buy the bag. Though I'm still attached to Black color, Chartreuse just swept me away.... I just have to take her with me....

    I will post the picture after I get back home (next week) since I have the bag ship out (no tax!)

    After H store visit, I went to reseller shop and looked for any Black Birkin (I know I know.... but I need confirmation that I make the right decision). I saw one black Birkin and now I confirm that I love H color the best! Black is black (no offend to anyone, pls) and probably why I didn't feel for Birkin in the first place....

    Now, I'm a happy girl and I would like to thank you everyone here for all your help, both on the forum as well as PM!!! Love you all!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! Chartreuse is a great colour! H colour first and black later! Why not! Can't wait to see you pictures!
  3. Beautiful, beautiful story, LUV!!!!! See? All it took was the right bag at the right time!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new baby!!!!!
  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! wow, that is awesome that u saw it just sitting there waiting to be tried on and bought by u!!! i prob would have been one of those "vultures" standing by, ready to swoop in if u hadn't bought the bag!!! hahah congrats!!! great choice!!!
  5. Congrats! I saw that bag on Saturday, I was wondering who was going to take it home.
  6. Congrats on landing a fabulous bag! Grrrrrrrrrrreat color! You're a lucky lady! Enjoy!
  7. Yes, hermesgroupie, that's what my SA told me as well. Someone declined the bag so the bag was brought on the floor. I was there at 2pm. My SA said SAs are placing the bet on when this bag would get sold... hahhahha.... I guess I'm lucky to be at the right place at the right time or maybe the bag just meant to be mine.... :p:p:yahoo::yahoo:

    Thank you, mrssparkles, shopmom411 and peanutbabycakes.... Now I need to dress her up and hopefully I can wear her as beautiful as you do. I just love looking at your pictures on "H in action". Love them all!!!
  8. Thank you, Kat..... Yes, I'm very very lucky..... :yes::yes:
  9. Oh, I am soooooo happy for you!! there is the perfect H for everyone.
  10. OOOHHHH!!! That sounds marvelous! Can't wait to see your photos!
  11. Congrats!!!!!!
  12. Congrats Luvpurse. I saw your original thread about not feeling the love and can completely understand - but as you found out, sometimes all it takes is the right color to make the difference. You're so lucky to have had a chance to get it right without first making an expensive mistake. ENJOY IT!!!
  13. WOW Congrats on the new baby. Terribly envious and happy for you all at once :smile:
  14. What a great sequel!! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  15. That is wonderful! Congrats and can't wait to see pics!!!