Now I know how it feels....

  1. As I am still new to LV (and the board in general), I have only been reading the posts regarding the bags and every now and then I see someone mention they have people asking if their bag is real or hear people talk about if their bag is real or not.

    :lol: I now know how you guys feel. I was carrying my Indigo Houston the other day and overheard some people behind me talking. One person obviously kind of knew what they were talking about and named the price of my bag accurately but added "if it is real." Another person was like "no way! I thought it would only cost $300.00" :roflmfao:

    I was not angry considering after hearing that but was rather amused. But I admit reading some of the experiences the other members here had did prepare me for hearing things like that. :yes:
  2. Indigo houston..that's gorgeous color!!!

    Love to see the pics :yahoo:
  3. I have been meaning to take a pic of it but my camera is a little tempermental. :rant: I will try tonight and see if it likes me.
  4. Oh yeah. Lots of girls whispered to each other my Speedy's fake cause it's big (I have the 35). I just ignore stuff like that. I don't care what they think. I have the bag cause I like it.
  5. but sometimes these comments hurt.
  6. True, I have heard people (not from this forum) say they will never buy a LV again because of these comments. Personally, like a lot of people here, I know its real and the quality is excellent. :smile:
  7. I hope this works... first time posting pics. Also, I have very bad picture taking skills... :crybaby:

    indigo1.JPG indigo2.JPG
  8. I love the indigo
  9. It's a beautiful bag, and I love the color. Where I live, only a few, if any people, even know about LV. So, I never have to worry about comments like that. Anyway, sorry you overheard the comments. Enjoy your bag and this forum (you will learn many new things each day).
  10. gorgeous bag! You know it's real and that's all that counts!
  11. Wow! Indigo Houston is wonderful :yes:

    BTW, I also met that kind of situation
    I'm not mind others' negative thoughts towards my bags
    I do love my gorgeous bags...that's enough, isnt it?
  12. I have carried LV for well....25 years....Im 37. Never has anyone questioned me on authenticity...nor would I care. Its like a love affair...when you love something (or someone) it just does not matter what the hell anyone says!!!
  13. I've never been in this situation but I would probably either be incredibly offended or just find it funny. Good for you to just laugh it off.
  14. First of all, when did it become appropriate to talk about other people or their belongings right in front of you?! Lately I find people are very quick to involve themselves in my business (such as discussing the authenticity of your handbag). It's unbelievable! I know a lot of people want to stop buying LV because it is so often copied, but IMO I could never do that because I love them so much and could care less if other people think that my bag is fake (I know the truth). Isn't it funny that the people who ask if your bag is fake, or talk about this "behind your back" are never wearing a LV of their own? Sorry for my rant, but it bothers me when strangers have the nerve to say something like that :rant:
  15. Laria, that's a beautiful bag.