~*NOW*~ I get it!!!!!!!

  1. I've never really understood the need for the same style bag in a variety of colors. Until now.

    I got my Bleecker Small Zip in chocolate and I love her so much that I'm now obsessed with this bag... I want it in khaki/white and I am really pretty sure I need it in khaki/rose.... and black.... and khaki/ink....

    11430 Bleecker Sm Zip rose.jpg
  2. Go for it!! You know you waaaaant to!! :p
  3. Well, since you NEED it, you must have it:tup:
  4. I totally get ya! Im that way with my carlys:wlae:
  5. It's a for sure need.... NEED her in rose....:graucho:
  6. I just got one in khaki/black and I really love it, but now I want the rose....its all your fault...your to blam!!!hehe:yes:
  7. You go girl!!! If you need it get it!!! HEEHEE
  8. i want one in both colors too...but i like the classy conservative look of khaki and black. like my small flap
  9. that shape is just my style... i have the sak purse in black & brown b/c i love it sooo
  10. Well., that bag looked GREAT on you, Voodoo.....so I say....GO FOR IT and get em all!!!!!! But wait for PCE!!!! LOL
  11. It's gorgeous, I say GO FOR IT!
  12. :roflmfao: I guess it's true love! :yes:
  13. That's not such a bag thing when it's priced as it is!! Congrats on finding your dream bag!!
  14. get them all!!
  15. i amin luv with this bag also like wow it has so many "personalties" in all different colors i am stumped on which to purchase myself suhc a greta looking bag