now i feel inspired to post my collection

  1. due to some beautiful posts i have seen of everyone's collection, i thought i would show you what i have (as little as it is) i am a vuitton newbie and loving it. glad i found this forum!!


  2. nice - i love the pink perfo speedy
  3. Another pretty collection! Thanks for sharing!
  4. love them ! I love your perfo speedy ! :flowers:
  5. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting! You have very nice pieces! :flowers:
  6. Lovely pieces!
  7. thanks! mostly everyone on this forum has been really friendly and helpful! :heart:
  8. Lovely!:love: Thanks to you too for sharing......
  9. congrats on posting your collection - nice pieces!! Thanks for posting!!
  10. Congrats! Gorgeous! :nuts:
  11. lovely collection:love:
  12. Lovely, thanks for sharing your collection.
  13. beautiful collection!! thanks for letting us take a look.
    Love the MC, and the groom! congrats, keep up the good work hehe
  14. Love your speedy and groom!! :smile:
  15. Beautiful collection!