Now I Can Make An Informed Decision - 30 vs. 35 - PICS!

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  1. Okay, if it means going BACK to the store a THIRD time I will under the guise of another customer because I'll be too flippin' EMBARRASSED to show my face AGAIN but.....

    I bought the Mono Speedy 35 yesterday. It was seriously big. Have the 25 already. So I thought "think BIG!" and boy, was she big. I loved her. C'mon, it's a Speedy! :jammin: Even DH said "if you decided to keep it, I'd be okay with's bordering on too's a little not quite right for your size maybe?" (this is same DH who didn't want me to get the Speedy, but is now eating his words! :okay:smile:

    So I packed up and drove BACK to Century City today (40 minute drive) and said to the SA "you were right I was wrong" and exchanged the 35 for the 30 (after much 'signing off' by the manager, as if I had gone to Bermuda overnight and partied wearing her all the while).

    So I get it home and I take some photos (to follow) as well as a neato comparison between the 30 and the 25 (kinda cool for comparison's sake too KWIM?)....
    So here we go:
    1) Me with Mono 30
    2) Me with Mono 35
    3) Mono 30 with sister Mono 25.

    Number one, did I make a mistake? Which looks better? I KNOW the 30 was the most faked size EVER which kinda irks me (especially when the manager said "oh the 30 is a much more popular size".......:cursing:) but I wanted to get THEE coveted opinions of my fellow LVoers that I cannot get anywhere else.....:love:

    TIA TIA TIA!!!! :tup:

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  2. I like the 35. I just bought one.
  3. The 30 suits you better......:tup:
  4. I love 30:smile:
    25 is small for me and 30 is huge. (but in epi.... speedy 25 is perfect 30 is bulky for me)
  5. I think the 30 looks better on you.
  6. I much prefer the 30. IMHO the 35 is more appropriate for guys or traveling....
  7. The 30 is MUCH better on you. Keep the 30. IMO the 25 and 30 are two very different bags!
  8. I have the 30 in mono as well and it's a great size. But, if I was to get another one I would get the 35, I like big bags. Both sizes look good on you. I don't know if I helped at all.:confused1:
  9. Definitely keep the 30!! The 35 looks a little big on you as it did on me when I tried it on (I'm only 5'2'') but the 30 looks great! Keeeeeeep it!!
  10. you made the right choice with the 30!
  11. I would say 30 because it seems to fit you perfectly!

    35 looks a little big and might be harder to use as an everyday bag.
  12. the 30 looks perfect on you!
  13. Keep the 30! It's a perfect size. :tup:
  14. I agree, the 30 looks better on you. :tup:
  15. Looks absolutely PERFECT! :tup: I didn't know the 25 & 30 were that much different in size!