Now I Can Make An Informed Decision - 30 vs. 35 - PICS!


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Oct 4, 2006
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Okay, if it means going BACK to the store a THIRD time I will under the guise of another customer because I'll be too flippin' EMBARRASSED to show my face AGAIN but.....

I bought the Mono Speedy 35 yesterday. It was seriously big. Have the 25 already. So I thought "think BIG!" and boy, was she big. I loved her. C'mon, it's a Speedy! :jammin: Even DH said "if you decided to keep it, I'd be okay with's bordering on too's a little not quite right for your size maybe?" (this is same DH who didn't want me to get the Speedy, but is now eating his words! :okay:smile:

So I packed up and drove BACK to Century City today (40 minute drive) and said to the SA "you were right I was wrong" and exchanged the 35 for the 30 (after much 'signing off' by the manager, as if I had gone to Bermuda overnight and partied wearing her all the while).

So I get it home and I take some photos (to follow) as well as a neato comparison between the 30 and the 25 (kinda cool for comparison's sake too KWIM?)....
So here we go:
1) Me with Mono 30
2) Me with Mono 35
3) Mono 30 with sister Mono 25.

Number one, did I make a mistake? Which looks better? I KNOW the 30 was the most faked size EVER which kinda irks me (especially when the manager said "oh the 30 is a much more popular size".......:cursing:) but I wanted to get THEE coveted opinions of my fellow LVoers that I cannot get anywhere else.....:love:

TIA TIA TIA!!!! :tup:



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Aug 27, 2007
The 30 is MUCH better on you. Keep the 30. IMO the 25 and 30 are two very different bags!


Aug 15, 2006
I have the 30 in mono as well and it's a great size. But, if I was to get another one I would get the 35, I like big bags. Both sizes look good on you. I don't know if I helped at all.:confused1:

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Oct 17, 2007
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Definitely keep the 30!! The 35 looks a little big on you as it did on me when I tried it on (I'm only 5'2'') but the 30 looks great! Keeeeeeep it!!