Now..i am confused....(long post)

  1. My bf recently got me a MC priscilla.which i love it a lot. but since we order it from elux. when the bag cam, we dont like the color combo on it, therefore i sent it back for an exchange.
    the problem is that, we spend too much money recently, therefore i am thinking about cancel my order, otherwise we will be tight on $$$ next month. My bf hope i keep the bag and we could save other expense, then i can still own the bag. But i feel that i rather have a better life than a bag. I could get it later when i have more funds, especially i have 20+ bags already. the thing is this is my first MC bag, and i love it a lot i even bought the bandeur and wallet to match her...i am so confused..i dont know how to do

    and theres one thing i want to of my friend. after i exchang my damier speedy to a damier pallion 26 due to the interior bleeding problem, she bought the damier speedy right after me. also when i receive my MC priscilla, she was like OMG this bag is so gorgeous, i like it..

    I am afraid that she will buy it right after i cancel my order on elux. (i dont really like to use the same bag with her) she always copy what i bought.

    the question is should i keep the bag? or return it?
    PLEASE HELP ME TO DECIDE IT.....THaNKS at the advance:rolleyes:
  2. It is a lovely bag, but if it is not in the "budget", may be you should not purchase it at this time. Later, you could always order it, or possibly, find another bag that you like better. Only you can decide what is best. I wish you good-luck. Sometimes we all have to face tough choices.
  3. ITA:yes: , if you order the bag on cc, think about the interest you would have to pay b/c you can't pay in full. As far as your friend like to carry same bag as you, have you tried to suggest her to explore different LV bags? Perhaps ask her to go LV w/you, and let the SA educate her not everyone can pull off the same LV bag. Good luck :flowers: !
  4. yep.. As everyone has said, if your budget is tight after buying the bag, then return it for a refund, until you can afford it again.

    Don;t worry about your friend copying you, as classic chic said, maybe take her to an LV store and you can shop together, then you don;t need to get the same bag as her
  5. thank for ur all suggestion. :yes: i am truly appreciate.
    i didnt pay it by cc. i already paid for it. its just that if i return it and get a refund, we will have more money to spend in our life.:push:
  6. No problem! But i am still leaning towards to return the bag for now and have less headache, you can always get it at another time or search for a pre loved one if you don't mind, good luck!
  7. if you can get a refund i say go for it, then buy the bag at a later stage. you will enjoy it more when you can honestly afford it. about your friend mmm, thats hard i agree with classic chic! good luck! (i thought you could only exchange at LV, thats what my boutique return policy is, no refund just exchange)

  8. i agree :yes:
  9. If it is not in the budget now- exchange it! When things get better- buy it again.
  10. If you have to ask, I think you're not sure and with me that means I don't loooove it, KWIM?
  11. Thank u all. :yes:
  12. I agree that if you're troubled with the purchase, just return it and buy it later. As for your friend copying you, that is the most sincere form of flattery. Take it as a compliment and don't worry about her buying this bag after you return it. If you like the bag so much, you should get it later on whether or not your friend has it.
  13. well you can always buy it later
  14. i agree! if you can afford it, and like it, then keep it!
  15. I say return it for the time being. ANd decide down the line if you trully love it. That way even if you put away a hundred dollars a month for the next few months, it won't break the bank in quite the same way if you do purchase it for yourself again.