Now I am a believer.

  1. Before, I didn't think that TV has an influence on the way we think about our bodies...but I do now.

    I just got back from Italy and while I was there, I watched their "Deal or no deal" version and my first impression when I saw those models was "Eww..."

    Deal-or-no-deal there has all shapes and sizes models, our deal-or-no-deal has only one...tall and well-toned.

    I guess I got that reaction because on our TV--the image of beauty is not the same as theirs.
  2. That's really interesting. Americans can learn a lot from other countries on so many topics.
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  5. Yeah, I completely agree with boxermom! Sometimes, I wonder what we're thinking?!?!
  6. It's really sad that young girls feel that they have to harm themselves. To be so thin it is unhealthy.
  7. Wow- That's very enlightening! I bet I would have the same reaction. Kinda sad when you think of it that anyone not tall and slender isn't attractive...