Now, how can we plan our Chanel purchase ahead?

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  1. Well, we have lost our most valuable source of information of all about what Chanel goodies will be coming from the coming seasons. I used to reply on this source to plan my purchase ahead and ask my SA to reserve bags for me on the very first day such bags were available for reservation. Also, with such information, we need not waste money on a second best from current season if we got to know a prefect one would be coming from the next season. As we have lost our most valuable source of information of all, any insight how can we plan our purchase ahead now?
  2. Sorry lol but what source are you talking about:confused1:?
  3. LOL I was wondering the same thing wahoffa. I get all my info from HERE. :smile:
  4. I know that I found plenty of info out in the past few years without that particular member... so I think you should be okay!
  5. ^ITA! It's a sad we lost a member, but I'm sure we will still be ahead of the game :yes: sometimes my SA even ask me for updates :P
  6. yikes.. i think i know which member we're talking abt here...but I've no idea what happened tho. Anways...the chanel forum contains enough precious info for me!
  7. May I know where and how? That's what I want to know.:smile:
  8. It's just going to take a bit more elbow grease on your part now. Peruse the threads here and cultivate a good relationship with your SA's. All is not lost :amuse:
  9. ladies, we won't keep asking you not to openly discuss members . . . let's stay on topic please.
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    Definitely will be more difficult to find information and see actual pictures and descriptions of upcoming collections. I believe some USA SA's are not allowed to let their lookbooks be posted.......for some of us who have boutiques and dept stores that carry Chanel nearby it may be easier, although my SA's many times did not even know what was coming out, and on instances asked me, to forward to them some of information I was able to get on this thread. It was great to search the threads and zero in on what interested you, instead of receiving a million and one daily emails from well intentioned SA's.

    How are we going to obtain the same level of information to plan ahead ?.....the sales and arrivals of bags will be posted by members as SA's inform them, but the information on future collections, colors, sizes, etc., I am afraid will not be the same, few of us have that kind of information available to give, or the incentive to post it, answer questions, give details etc, this involves a lot of work and a lot of time.

    This is all regarding Chanel, so, maybe questions can be asked regarding the following and I will use myself as an example so we do not speak of any other members.

    Should we stop posting Chanel SA's names, and the stores they are at, contact numbers and stock they have.,or will have does this create a form of promotion, or genuine help for members.

    Should we instead post what Chanel bags are on sale or available and pm those who want to know the information as to where the bag is, which SA's have it and their contact information, or, might this be considered a form of pm spamming, not sure what spamming through our forum pm system is in regard to Chanel information, maybe we need clear information on what would be considered spamming when it applies to Chanel information.

    What is the difference between mentioning Stores and SA's and mentioning Chanel information websites, where it refers to Chanel information and availabilities?

    Those who have been on the Chanel forum for a long time have been
    wonderful at posting fabulous information, but, as time goes by, and as sometimes helping with Chanel may come back to bite you, some of the posters have stopped posting and answering questions. To have had all future Chanel information available on your screen was a great and probably unique tool we had here in the Chanel Forum, since I believe lookbooks may not be posted any more.
  11. I didn't know there's censorship on this forum.
  12. Whoops, sorry Swanky! :smile:

    But ITA habanerita.. it will be very difficult to plan ahead without info about future collections, colours, sizes, themes.. indeed a lot of SAs know much less than TPF members as well. Sigh.
  13. I just remembered that some members posted that NM legal division had sent emails to their SA's that providing pictures of bags and SA information was not allowed anymore., maybe I read it wrong, but if not.........our loss is even greater.........

  14. i second the OP. most valuable information lost but maybe its just some of us that realised the "information" is lost. :sad:

    anyway its a good choice to stop waiting eagerly for 'THAT' bag to arrive in store and to see it IRL compared to the information we will get in the forum from the helpful member
  15. I've always been able to find a way... I don't know what to tell you, hmm. I used to remember each and every thing I read, research it and figure info out haha. Look books from SAs help (although that in and of itself has been a source of tension... something I personally experienced) and frankly, there are always people who come along with more info than the usual person. In the few years I've been here, I've found that the source of info may change, but overall, the info you get through threads, etc. is still MUCH more than what you'd get without a forum like this. It's invaluable. I think it'll be okay.