Now having second thoughts.....

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  1. I am being a bit crazy :nuts: but.....I had never considered the Damier before I saw the Berkeley. I saw the Berkely ebene Damier and loved it right away. But, I was on vacation and didn't want to add one more thing to take home, thought I'd just get it at home. Back at home, I was in LV and saw the Damier Hampstead.....loved that too. So, on an impulse I bought the Hampstead. I love it, but I keep thinking about the Bekeley. I like the functionality of the Hampstead....I have three kids and it is just a great overall bag for all that I "tote" around. But, I like the look of the Berkley a little more. I really do not want to get both as they are so similar and there is so much else on my wishlist. I am so torn. :s What do ya'all think....keep the Hampstead or exchange for Berkeley. :smile:
  2. i like the berkeley more.. i think it's more functional cuz it's got the double zipper (ok i'm a zipper person.. i like to have something that can enclose my bag if you know what i mean)... but i'm not sure about the capacity of both... so you'll have to decide which one suits your needs more.
  3. I would keep the Hampstead...I love the look of it, and it will come in handy to be able to put it on your shoulder with kids...:smile:
  4. i like the berkeley....beautiful
  5. I would get the Berkeley, IMO it looks better and I like the zip closure :tup:
  6. I'd keep the Damier Hampstead since it is gorgeous and you already have it.
    Then, I'd save up to get the Berkeley in Azur! LOL.........
  7. ITA!! :okay:
  8. Get the one your heart is tugging for!! You will not be happy unless you do...
  9. If you are not 100% in love with the hampstead excnage it for the berkeley. Both bags are gorgeous, let us know what you decide!
  10. Both are beautiful BUT...the Hampstead would be better with the 3 kids. I have 4 myself and I love shoulder bags. You know how someone is ALWAYS asking Mom to hold this and that! That being said, my next purchase will be a Speedy 25 but it will be more for going out with DH.
  11. can you wear berkeley on your shoulder?!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i know it's azur but you get the idea.... i like this bag!! =D so pretty~!
  12. Berkeley
  13. if you are still thinking about the berkeley, I would exchange for that!
  14. Great pics! Now, first of all, you must weight about 10 pounds to get those handles over your shoulder. Two, do the straps stay up on your shoulder or does one fall down? And finally, with the bag on your shoulder, can you put your arm down comfortably? Three questions... triple TIA!
  15. I would get what you originally wanted since you are still lusting over it ...