Now for the final decision making - Medium agenda in mono or damier?


Medium agenda in which canvas?

  1. Damier

  2. Monogram

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  1. I don't know which one to choose!!!

    This will be a school agenda for me--I will most likely use the note pages to record homework and assignments.

    (A tad off main subject: does anyone know of agenda refills other than LV's that will fit the medium agenda? LV's medium agenda calendar 1 week/2 pages is TOO small for my needs)

    I initially wanted to buy a Damier one, but if I get one it will have to be a charge-send because there are none left in my store. I saw the monogram one and at first I was unsure about how I liked the monogram placement, but after playing around with it for awhile I started to like it more.

    HOWEVER...Not sure if bringing a monogram agenda to school is too show-offy. If I do buy a damier one I could try getting a good deal on eBay, too.

    I considered getting the red Epi one that Rebeccalou has right now but not sure how the Epi would hold up being scratched against a dirty desk all the time.

    Please vote, and state why you made your choice.

  2. I'm kinda loving the damier line lately. I'd go for that one. It's less "I'M AN LV" than the mono.
  3. You're in need of some more Damier in your collection!
  4. Damier :yes:
  5. i vote for Damier; it looks so classy and professional
  6. Damier!! :tup:
  7. i'll have to recommend damier, if it's for school, and also...i'd prefer for my agenda to scream out less..if u get what i mean!
  8. I think damier would be great for school. It's elegant and classy, and I think it's very appropriate. But I agree with the red epi comment, that would make a terrific agenda!
  9. Damier
  10. Damier all the way, very classy and understaded looking. I love Damier.I have seen a few on eBay.
  11. DAMIER :smile: i just got small ring agenda in azur and think it's so cute :smile: i think damier is just more chic looking, i dunno what it is.
  12. don't they make 1-pagers for medium agenda too? i just bought my small ring agenda inserts (my SA said it's the most complete you can buy) and each day has one page. that should be sufficient right?