Now don't buy anything without me...:)

  1. I'm heading out EARLY (ugh):sad: tomorrow morning for a family reunion in the midwest and will be gone for a week. Unfortunately, there is no Hermes (or any noteworthy shopping) anywhere near where I'm headed. :Push: :Push:
    If I can round up a computer I'll try to check in to see what new and exciting treasures you guys have found!

    Happy Hermes and a happy earthy 4th!!

    :flowers: :flowers: GT
  2. Have a good time, Greentea.....we'll miss you!

    I SWEAR I won't buy ANYTHING 'til you get back!!!!!:sad: :shame: :flowers:
  3. Have a great holiday Greentea! Enjoy the family and just relax...Purse forum will be here when you get back!
  4. Have a great time Greentea! We will miss you, but of course, we will be here when you get back!

    P.S. Yeah right Shopmom- I ain't buying that! he he he!
  5. Have fun GT!
  6. Have a great time at the reunion, Greentea!

    Have a great time GT!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  8. Have a good one greentea!
  9. Have fun Greentea! I'm too lazy to post pictures anyway.
  10. o wish you a lot of fun enjoy yourself even though i (and i am sure everyone) will miss you here :flowers:
  11. Have fun!
  12. Have a nice time GT!! we'll all try to be good while you're away.....;) :angel:
  13. Enjoy Greentea! We'll miss ya for a week! ;)
  14. Have a great time, Greentea. Enjoy your holiday!:beach:
  15. Sorry Greentea!!! I left on the 29th and didn't see your post!!!! But you didn't miss anything since birkin hasn't arrived yet. Congrats on your new position!!!! We're all missing you here:crybaby: :crybaby:
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