Now an OFFICIAL CHANEL OWNER,come see my first baby-*lotsa pic*-

  1. I wanna share my happy chanel day:heart:Been waiting for this baby for 5 mons now...:yahoo::yahoo: Thanks for all lovely chanel ladies who helped me with this decision.I sent a lot of p.messages asking what to get (esp. about hardware color) thanks guys you know who you are.:love::love: (and oh babevivtan , i can't forget the "wow" factor you said about the gold haha that really made my decision:love:)

    so black large chanel classic flap with gold hardware.:heart:
    IMG_4994.JPG IMG_4952.jpg IMG_4961.jpg IMG_4974.jpg IMG_4975.jpg
  2. Very pretty - congratulations!!!!
  3. more pix.. and oh...forgot to mention...thanks to my sweet bf..who helped me get this baby...for finding someone to buy in HK and surprising me that he paid half the price of this baby, he even apologized that he has to pay for something and he can only share half..ehehe..(still sweet of him)
    IMG_4979.jpg IMG_4992.jpg IMG_4987.jpg IMG_5017.JPG
  4. It's beautiful :smile: I am looking at buying my first Chanel and I love that size...what are the dimensions. TIA !
  5. Thanks!!:heart:it's 10 x 6 x 2.5, it's in large size one size smaller than the jumbo.. it's really pretty and truly a classic so you will never regret..
  6. congrats! love it.
  7. kellyLV: if you don't mind me asking, where do you live? i like that white edition box! acksss why don't i ever get them! not fair! :push:
  8. Congrats!! That's my first Chanel too, it's so pretty!
  9. Congrats! Enjoy and wear her in good health
  10. Love it!!!!!!!!! It looks GREAT on you...great outfits too!!! Congrats!!

  11. Oh, I'm from Manila...bought the bag in Hongkong.. i'm expecting the black box but i got the white.:smile:
  12. It's soo beautiful on you. I can't wait to get my first chanel bag
  13. Looks great on you, congrats!
  14. thanks twinklette,wait have a question, how come my bag didn't have that white tag like yours, do some SA's really remove that before wrapping the bag? thanks
  15. you look beautiful with your bag on all your shots..Congrats!!!