Now a Dooney & Bourke question...

  1. Hi,
    This is another thrift shop buy... I paid $1.00 for it. Any chance it's authentic? I couldn't get a great pic of the tag but it is white with blue print... no red. It says Dooney & Bourke Inc, Made in USA and on the back it is numbered 23699. I couldn't leave it there for $1.00!
    100_1701.jpg 100_1702.jpg 100_1707.jpg
  2. what a FIND, my mother has that bag and loves it to DEATH. thats one of my mothers favorite purses! that is DEFINATELY an oldschool dooney. you might want to do more research and get a few more opinions before ya believe me, but uh, i'da bought it, and i'da thunk it's real!


    PS- i don't think anyone would try to make a fake purse of that style!
  3. Wow... I'm thrilled! Thanks so much!
  4. no problemo, my gayman and me are going to hit up a goodwill and salvation army because of you soon! LoL!

    OMG i love you, you just cured my purse ban blues! i'm going to thrift store hop and keep my eye out for designer names! i cant' wait to go to the new coach store in the Maine mall but thats april! now i have something bag related to keep me busy! thanks for the inspiration!

    oh yes, and i'm suprised to see that metal duck dangley still there! WOOHOO FOR U! i'm so jealous!!!!!!

    you should go post a request for the dooney forum! click the link in my signature!

    good lord, i'm jealous!

    congrats again!!!!! thanks for curing my blues!
  5. Oh, that's authentic for sure! Lovely bag
  6. Thanks again! And try the thrift shops associated with churches... they usually have some nice treasures! I have 4 pairs of very nice thrift shop Ferragamo's... no Ferragamo purse yet though! Happy hunting!