novice buyer - please give me some guidance

  1. I usually buy only from brick & mortor stores. Don't like to take risks. I had my eye open for a Botiker Bianca and thought the color I wanted was toffee (not absolutely certain but knew I wanted lighter brown than the chocolate that is currently avabilable). I saw a toffee one on eBay but the seller had listed it as cognac in title and toffee in text. I asked them to clarify and they said it was cognac. Then later I saw the posting with toffee in title and asked again. They said it was toffee. This morning I saw that it was less than 2 hrs to end of auction and no bids. Being a chicken and never having used eBay, I was tempted but not sure what to do. So I posted the question on the forum as to whether anyone knew seller, etc. No one answered....I remained chicken and at the end of the auction someone (the only bidder) got it for the starting bid price. So would this person likely have (1) had an automated bid waiting, or (2) been waiting to the last mintute to grabe it? or (3) (don't flame me please)...have seen my posting on purse forum and decided they wanted it. And if I want to look for another one, should I get Pay Pal set up in advance? Or can you do that after your bid is accepted. Sorry for long post but I just don't have any experience with this ...apprecaite any is the posting from eBay.
  2. okay first, a lot op people watch and wait until the last minute before bidding. this is to keep from the price going up. i do this and watch things until seconds before auction ends before bidding. next, i think that if you do intend on purchasing from eBay,, you should go ahead and set up a paypal account this will prevent you from having to wait longer if you win an auction.
  3. Thanks Cherll....would another tactic be to let it end and then contact seller to wait and see if the repost at lower price? Of course, you risk losing it as I found out...even though it looked like no one was interested. Also, if you looked at the link it posted, would you think there would be much risk in the sense that this item was not new and did show some slight damage?
  4. i am not familiar with balenciaga bags so i wouldn't know what is a good deal or not but personally, if i love it, i probably won't let it go. the possibility that she relists it at a higher price also exists.

  5. I see that the auction has ended.....did you buy the bag?:wlae:
  6. No...I was chicken and while I waited for someone on the forum to give an opinion someone else came in at the last minute and got it at minimum bid.

  7. They could be any of those things, they also could be the seller shill bidding on his own auction through another account (or getting a friend to do it); to raise the price, as he knew you were interested.

    If the same bag comes up for auction again (from the same seller) and especially, if they say that they are relisting due to a non-paying bidder, it is likely that that is the case.

    If I were you, I would set up my Paypal account now. :yes:
  8. Oh ...Thank you so much for that advice...there are so many ins and outs to this....I did e-mail that seller twice plus I was watching the item. I didn't know until looking at the post today that sellers could see you watching. If the item comes up again from the same seller, would you then think this person is not very reputable and stay away from bidding? (They did have 100% satisfaction rating but I'm not sure if that alone means that much? That's one of the reasons I was looking for someone on the Forum who maybe had done business with this person.