November's due dates - check in!

  1. willowsmom - November 1, 2007
    JennyErin - November 5, 2007
    Fraublucher - November 14, 2007
    AuthenticLux - November 14, 2007
    DzzyButterfly - November 15, 2007
    luvsbags&shoes - November 20, 2007
    hipnycmom - November 27, 2007

    if you delivered already, let us know how you're doing!!

    If you're still pregnant check in!

  2. I think fraublucher has delivered. She posted on the Bal boards back on the 6th that she was having some problems and they might be going to induce her. I posted back asking about her and haven't seen a reply, so I'm hoping that she is enjoying her new baby girl!!

    Frau, if you're out there, would love to hear from you!
  3. Here I am! And Sophia Beatrice is here as well! I delivered 3 weeks early at exactly 37 weeks. It went really fast! She was 7 lbs 3 oz at birth and at 1 week is nursing like a champ. She is the sweetest baby! I now have an avatar - and someone to inherit all my purses :smile:
  4. Gorgeous baby! Congrats!
  5. oh she's gorgeous!!!! LOVE that hair:love:
    Congrats to you and your family!!
  6. Oh, congratulations, hipnycmom! She's gorgeous, and I love the name you've chosen. Would you believe that one of the things I'm bummed about having a boy is who I'll give my purses to? (Along with "well, what am I saving that wedding dress for, then?")
  7. Thanks everyone! Haven't had a chance to log on much but I just wanted to see who else has delivered. Anyway, I forgot to mention that I deliveed on the 6th and she's 2 days old in that picture:smile: kimberf, you can always work on a girl next time:smile: we wouldn't want our purses to go to waste LOL. Seriously, I adore my boys but having a girl is such an added blessing!
  8. Yep gals, I also delivered! You can see Eva's adorable face (I combed her hair like a Cabbage Patch here) in my avatar :p. I'm moving to write my birth story now, I hope it'll be up in a short time!!
    Thanks for asking gals, these last days have been a little rough so I had no time to check in!
  9. congrats on new born babies.
  10. congrats hipnycmom - your mini me is absolutely adorable.
  11. chloesmygirl gave birth to twins on the 16th! :tup:A boy and a girl!:yahoo: As a mom of the same, I must tell you she is EXHAUSTED right now but I am sure she will post details herself soon. She did PM me that they are all doing great and may go home today or tomorrow.:woohoo:
  12. ^I didn't know you had twins too!
    Yes, she must be exhausted! Congrats!!!!
  13. ^Yep- they just turned 12!
  14. oh wow! I wonder how many of us have multiples here?

    Come to think of it, I think I asked about a year ago, I may look that up!
  15. Congratulations, ladies!